Saturday, February 09, 2013

i had all kinds of things to say. then i sat down.

i've had several blog posts dancing around in my head i don't. would you like some random thoughts, instead?

i really love that "suit and tie" song...yep i do. it makes me feel like it should be spring already and be driving around with the windows down. it came out just a little too early for me here in indiana! is it dumb to sort of "ration" it, like not listen to it very much, so that i still love it in a month or two when i can play it in my sexy minivan with the wind blowing in my hair, wearing my mom jeans?

i signed up for a half marathon! eeeeek! i'm kind of going to count it as my first, since i've only done one before--the same race, actually. jeremy and i ran it together (pretty slowly) and i wanted to die when i was done. i blamed lack of coffee in the morning. makes sense to me. jeremy had to pull over on the interstate on the way home so i could puke. and buy caffeine tablets. yes, seriously. always said i'd never run that much again...hmmmm. but the funny thing is i'm actually a better runner now, three kids later. i'm running more miles with a faster average pace. it also helps that jeremy is a real marathon-er now and i make him plan my workouts for me. also getting a teensy bit excited because one of my long lost college besties is coming out from CA to run it as well.

we are reading the Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson in my Bible study group right now. it's pretty amazing to see how this is EXACTLY what each of us so desperately needed at this moment. thanks, God. each of us has had something resonate pretty deeply and it's only been two weeks of reading and reflecting on it. if you're a mom, you need it. probably right now, because it's winter and we're all cooped up and feeling a little crazy. oh, no, that's just me? eh.

made some cupcakes for someone's FIRST BIRTHDAY tomorrow! ack! just our little family tomorrow, more fun next weekend with extended family. also, what do you get a one-year-old for a birthday gift? i'm at a total loss...and in a way i feel guilty, but then again i'm so practical that i don't feel so guilty.  she doesn't really want anything, she doens't really need anything. the boys ever-so-sweetly picked out a few things for her, but i honestly can't bring any more toys into this house of my own accord and i buy clothes for her way more that i'd like to she's getting an entire cupcake of her very own...that i made with my own that lame?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Amelia at 11 months.

Argh...posting this almost a month late. I wrote this several weeks ago, then Blogger wouldn't let me load a picture so I gave up.  Today, it magically lets me load a picture.  Same computer, same everything. Dumb blogger!

She's eleven months old! I almost let this slip by without a picture, since it was a crazy week.  We can't have that.

At eleven months, my sweet Amelia:
-pulls up and will cruise all over, with a bull-in-a-china-shop technique.  nothing stops her, and if it tries, she will muscle through it. she's pretty awesome like that.
-when asked, will find one of her two favorite baby dolls and give it a kiss. 
- eats EVERYTHING. and a lot of it. bread, cheese, and apples are favorites.
-still nurses 3-4 times a day. i will be pretty sad when she's done with this part of babyhood. she's so quick about it anymore that it won't change the rhythm of the day too much when she decides she won't sit still for it.  this is starting to happen a couple of times a week. she's had zero formula, which is pretty great.
-weighs about 17 pounds and is still wearing a size 2 diaper. funny girl.
-has mastered the sippy cup, which has greatly increased the peace inside our minivan.
-refuses to have anything on her feet, ever. socks and shoes are her least favorite things. too bad it's FREEZING outside.
-when told "NO", will just laugh at you...oh this girl. this is new for me. all i had to do with the boys was look at them sideways and they'd cry cry cry.
-can't get enough of her crazy brothers! she's especially sweet on Marcus...plants big juicy kisses on him whenever she can!
-completely attached to her "dottie"--her little blankie. Dottie was in the wash the other day and she gave me the DIRTIEST look when i tried a replacement...she was not fooled and also not amused.  Luckily, I was able to contact the company and two more are coming in the mail! Wahoo!
-has started being a teensy big apprehensive about (some) strangers. Mostly men. That's just fine.

Friday, January 04, 2013


Marcus and I were having a conversation about why the baby can't have went something like this:

Marcus: Why can't Mimi have popcorn?
Me: The hulls aren't good for her guts.
Marcus: Oh. That's because she has little tiny guts.  I have medium guts.  You have BIG HUGE guts!!!
Me: Thank you?

Monday, December 31, 2012


woohoo rockin new year's eve tonight...made some cinnamon rolls for the morning and watched a couple episodes of Breaking Bad. did some knitting and cut out a pattern to make a shirt for Amelia. we know how to party.

i kind of love making resolutions in any form...or at the very least, lists of things i'd like to accomplish. i don't think i'm your standard "list-maker" since i don't get very many things on my lists DONE, but i like to jot down the things i WOULD get done if i had the time/organization/energy/resources/mojo/talent--you get the idea.  daily lists, bucket lists, text myself a garbled list of things that cross my mind while running or get the idea.

so without any further ado, things i would like to see happen in 2013:
1. run a 1/4 marathon and make good time.
2. run a 1/2 marathon and make it across the finish without passing out.
3. get my guitar out and play for myself and/or the's been far too long.
4. drink more water. in the winter i do a lousy job because i'm so coooooold.
5. get in a routine of earlier bedtime and earlier wake-up ('s for the best)

those are the big ones that i'm willing to put out there. there may be a couple more...but you'll just have to wonder about them. or hear about them after the fact. ;)

here's to 2013!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry and bright.

Technically, it's 15 minutes post-Christmas.  I want to write a few things out before the "freshness" of the moment passes.  I was/am having some mixed feelings about all the "loot" tonight...I suppose that could be a blog post of its own.  There is just so much more STUFF in my house today.  Now, I am just as guilty as anyone of buying things for my kids because it is one way to express my love for them.  But then add all the extended family who each do the same thing, and it gets to be a great big steaming pile...add a tired 5 year old and there was an ugly moment that I will spare the blog world from hearing and just try and have a good chat with him in the morning about gratefulness...oh dear.

I worry that even though we talk about Jesus being the integral part of Christmas, our actions this time of year (buying, preparing, being so busy) dull the importance of that message.  I don't have a good answer for how to strike a balance in this area, because I love this time of anticipation and little secrets and the gift of a Savior. I just get so excited and swept up in ALL of it!

Tonight when we got home (way too late for our small people!), Sam asked if we could sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.  So we all held hands right inside the door and did just that. 

A small thing, but one I want to remember, because my sweet little guy has it right.  Even on the heels of having it a bit wrong.  I suppose that's all we can really hope for, am I right?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 years old!

Wow, two posts in one day...I'm on a roll!!

Marcus turned four last week.  Easy and hard to believe all at the same time.  I suppose I'll feel that way for every birthday.

A few highlights:
-At the end of the day on his birthday, I heard him telling J "I had so much fun today!"...really, that's all I wanted to hear.  And in all honesty, he's pretty easy to please.  We could have bought and done a lot less and he still would have been happy and had the same amount of fun--as long as we made the day about him.  He's a good egg.
-That said, it was super fun to shop for him.  Along with some other little treasures (glow in the dark skull and crossbones underwear, anyone?), we gave him this squishy anatomy model that he saw at Sam's Club and just wouldn't stop talking about.  He lost his mind when he opened it up--"IT'S WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED!!!" I'm so excited to teach both boys some cool facts.  The "gross" factor grabs their attention, but then they really want to know what all the organs do.  Marcus can already tell you all about kidneys and the bladder.  Awesome.
-Last weekend, we had a family birthday for him. I wanted to take him to order his cake, and he told me very clearly he did not want to order a cake. He wanted grandma to make him a cake with gummy bears on that's what he had. Love that little guy and his funny opinions.
-The day of his birthday was a swim lesson day, and he did GREAT.  So proud of that kid.  Then for his birthday dinner afterwards, he chose IHOP...those boys think IHOP is the ultimate.  Works for me!
-The night before, Sam was the sweetest brother--he said "I'm so excited for Marky's birthday tomorrow, I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight!!" May they always be such good buddies.



Nine months, Amelia! 

Let's nine months, she:
-isn't consistently pulling up, but not for lack of trying. I find her standing up in her bed occasionally.  it ALWAYS startles me!
-waves "Hi" and "Bye-bye", but it kind of looks like "gimme"...or "milk" if you know any sign language.
-is sort of learning some signs. i've tried a few different signs but basically does her wave/"milk" sign for everything--waving, more, food, etc...
-still nurses 3-4 times a day (so so thankful for this), but is pretty much OVER baby food. she likes finger food and plenty of it, though she greatly prefers whatever we are having. current favorites are peas, cheese, banana, and anything of the bread or cracker persuasion.  she loved cheerios for a while, but I think I bought too big of a box, because she just shouts at them and doesn't eat them anymore. :(
- speaking of the shouting...she shouts all.the.time. just general yelling at high volume. it's not exactly complaining, it's more for attention or to just hear it herself, I think. it gets pretty old. she needs to work on a new skill.
-she's still a bit on the peanut side...16lb 3oz at her check up. I really thought she was up to 17, but I guess all that crawling burns up the baby food.
-takes a huuuuge morning nap (on good days)--it's about 3 hours. which is great, but on days when we just can't be at home in the morning, the rest of the day she is such a grump.  afternoon naps are hit or miss, but that's ok because we are usually out and about at least part of the the time that Sam spends at school.
-has many nicknames: Mimi, Meems, Meemers, Mimi-Mae, Piglet, Hoglet, Sissy, many others...
-LOVES to play "chase" of any sort.  my favorite iteration is when she crawls into a corner and rams her head into the wall over and over because she's so excited to be "caught".
-still wears a size 2 diaper. works for me, there's more in the box!
-wears 12 month clothes for length, but jeans are ridiculously big around the waist, so I try to stick to leggings and longer shirts. It's so much easier with a girl--Marcus was this way too, and I had the hardest time putting clothes on him. Sam...did not have this problem. He was my very round baby.
-is so so so loved. the boys just dote on her and she loves them for it. she demonstrates this by grabbing their skin and hair, and by licking their faces. sweet. really.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Today was a good day.

It was a good day.  Not for any distinct reason.  Probably just because I didn't feel bent out of shape about our schedule.  Trying to see what fun things we could do instead of focusing on what we were missing (playdate at the pumpkin patch, oh a knife in my heart!).

I am trying, soooo trying, to be a little more disciplined and get up before the little goats. I need to get a jump on them so that I can be a better mama.  I may not be making pancakes or anything, but preparing my brain for the day ahead makes it better for all of us. A great plan, except the children can ALWAYS tell when I am moving all three of them were up at 6am with me. The boys went semi-obediently back to bed, so Amelia and I spent a little time doing my Bible study and sticking cheerios to our faces. A moderate success.  Not sure what the answer is here, because I refuse to get up any earlier than 6 right now.

I did several things that I was procrastinating (rescheduling some appointments, balancing my checkbook, cleaning the food dehydrator screens, changing the water in Sam's fish tank, ordering Marky's Halloween costume) and nothing bad happened! I actually feel good! Amazing!  Why do I procrastinate?! Seriously, nothing on that list was a big deal...I just work them up to be monumental things and then kids are swarming so it seems like such a "wise idea" to wait until I have the presence of mind to complete the tasks? I don't know. 

I tried a different time slot at the YMCA (kind of another post in itself--the "crowd" at different times of day and my observations).  I have to reserve a spot in childcare for the baby, which is actually a good thing because it makes me commit and plan for it.  We went at 4:00 today which seems so weird to me, but it was awesome.  Why have I never done this before? (Oh yes, dinner...making dinner for my people. Those fools and their needing-to-eat.) They boys are at a point now where they don't fall apart and A had just napped, so everyone was happy and working out makes me feel happy. On nights when we have a weird schedule or I don't have to cook, I have to remember that this is a great option.  I worked out hard today (ahhhh) and coming home at dinner time made me remember coming home from volleyball practice after school--all jiggly muscles and starving!

Somone said very nice things about my babies today.  Beyond the surface "oh they are cute!" stuff.  It made me super happy.  This person also asked a parenting advice question...which makes me feel a bit I might know something about what I'm doing!

The weather was simply gorgeous today.  That may be 98% of why today felt so good.  The kids were outside being crazy (smashing rotten tomatoes into "stew"...oh the laundry) quite a bit, and I love to see how much Amelia enjoys it as well.  Good little people.

I read this.  I teared up.  I got all mushy and totally need to get in some pictures. Or just make sure to hand my camera over more often.

Ok, so this post was mainly for me. It was a good day.  For really no reason at all.  I changed up my rut of a routine and it was good.