Wednesday, February 01, 2006

so they say...

It was a record-breaking warmest January. I knew something didn't feel right...and this weirdness knows no's now February and it was FIFTY TWO today when I got home! It was nice, but it's going to encourage whineyness when it really gets back to normal. Supposedly a blizzard is in the works for the weekend...and I find myself thinking that would be kind of fun. I figure if it happens, I'll just get a lot of progress on my knitting projects, like the pink version of the fun hat in my picture there. And I want to try to knit socks! I have the yarn, just. need. more. time.

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Teresa Beck said...

Hey there Kelly,
Your hat is very cool... A small blizzard would be a little fun... Anyway, i may bring some yarn on Tuesday (if i member).. See ya..