Wednesday, February 22, 2006

so...what have YOU been up to??

Alright, so I'm supposed to be hard at work finishing my Knitting Olympics project...instead I find myself starting a sock (this is new for me! woohoo!) and making an entire sweater (settle down, I'm still new at this--it's for a baby!) Here's the sweater, which I am quite pleased with! The pattern is here.

My Knitting Olympics entry is a cabled belt, and it's in the dryer right now, shrinking I hope. I used cotton yarn, and it just needs some sort of tie and some beads and I'll be done. It actually went pretty quickly, since I had a car trip and some time at my mom's to work on it. Here is a picture, pre-shrinkage and pre-finishing touches. Hopefully it'll look cute slung over jeans or a long loose skirt!

Cables weren't so scary after all!!

The pattern is from a little Vogue Knitting book I found at the library. I used the yarn they called for because it was cheap and easy to find! It was Sugar and Cream in Ecru. It took less than one ball to do the whole belt, but I'm not done finishing it up yet!

One more photo of this madness before I head to bed! My first sock! Casting on...I'm a bit farther along now, but we'll see how this looks kind of fat for my leg...

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