Tuesday, August 15, 2006

back home again...in blogland...

trying this again...after being gone for what seemed like all summer...and it's nearly time to start right back up again with school. i'm looking forward to a new batch of kiddos, but i'm also grieving the loss of my freedom to schedule my days around what i want to accomplish...pretty selfish, huh? usually my to-do list looks like this:

1. run w/ the cross country kids (if it's Mon/Tue/Thurs)
2. a little cleaning
3. make something for lunch that i like that the husband would never eat! (today it was caprese salad--oh YUM!)
4. maybe a nap...z..z.zzzzzzzzz
5. toot around on the internet, email some peeps
6. get disgusted w/ myself for sitting here, go do something crafty...knit, sew (maybe i will one day finish that big blue quilt!), attempt to scrapbook...
7. make some dinner for the hubs and me...usually grilled...so easy...

rough, huh? i loooooooooooove me some summer!

speaking of rough, check out Jeremy's 6th grade picture...yes that's all his own hair...wouldn't know it now, would you?? hhehehe

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