Monday, September 18, 2006

Trying to perk myself up!

Feeling just a bit blue today. Could be the weather--the end of summer is official, I am starting to think. Bums me onto things that make me smile. I suppose it could also be the start of stupid ISTEP...blahhhhh I have better things to do with my time--but enough about that!

1. Taking Janice to her first ever Johnny Appleseed Festival. Oh boy! All the fun old-fashioned food and other goodies and coming home smelling like fire!
2. Coming home and being able to veg a little. Tivo makes me happy--I got home at 5, but I still got to watch the Rachael Ray show...not sure how sold I am on it, but I liked the food ideas she had. Yay for Tivo and being able to watch the parts that interest me!
3. AUTHENTIC conversations...with the husband, and then later with the h.s. girls Bible study. Both somewhat challenging, but very very good and very very real.
4. Just a little something that I thought was funny and just now found again. I believe we were somewhere in California when I took this picture:

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

delay day!

soooo....fog delays are probably my most favorite invention ever. nice unexpected (usually) slow mornings. don't have to make them up in june.

fog delay = extra sleep
fog delays for both of us = j-man goes to Sonic and gets us strawberry limeades
strawberry limeade = happy mrs. h
happy mrs. h = happy students

the weather today and tonight is supposed to be about the same as it was yesterday and last night, so it's looking good for the home team...

this week is BUSY, but good. we've got two meets at home, which i love. it's a lot of fun to host because we have the best course (at least i think so!) it's actually the most CROSSCOUNTRYISH (nice word, me!) of all the courses we run. it's the hardest, too, i think. up and down. up and down. other places it just seems like we're running around the school yard. booooo-rrrrring. home meets are also good because parents come, which is wonderful for the kids to feel all proud, and then they are there to take their kids home right away and i get home a whole HOUR earlier than away meets! no bus ride, much less waiting for rides. ahhhh....

Thursday, September 07, 2006

excuse me, Mrs. H...

so this funny thing happened today...

i had to go to the bathroom (yep, #2) in a bad bad way...right in the middle of a class this morning.'s not the best idea to leave 20 12-year-olds alone, but it was going to get ugly. (this is not the funny thing, by the way)

so i gave them their homework assignment and told them to get started...stepped out, did my thing soooooo lightning fast and was back in under 2 minutes...they were quiet and working.

here's the thing--three of them had their HAND i'm not making this up. were they just being that good or were they such airheads that they didn't know i had left?? i'm sure i, as a student, would have found the fact that the teacher was GONE very interesting...i don't know about these kids....good and virtuous or just clueless??? the jury's still out...

Saturday, September 02, 2006

happiness is...

the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season...

even though the lid was crap and leaked coffee all over my shirt...

Happiness is also:

1. caffeine from aforementioned coffee...working overtime on lil ol decaf me...maybe i'll get some things done around here while j-man is chopping down trees at the lake cottage!

2. Hobby Lobby...for a little over $11 i scored some yarn for a shrug, a purse pattern (never enough!), and a good sized pile of scrap crap! yay for craftiness! and clearance aisles!

3. girlyfriends...who knew that a blindfold, a shoe store, and wal-mart were such great entertainment?? (well, t-bone may disagree...)

this last picture is blurry, but i loooooooooooove it soooooo sooo sooooo much! they were laughing, and i was laughing, so the "movement" in the picture is real! "i don't feel the need to explain my art to you, warren." --anyone know what movie that's from????

kdigggity out...