Tuesday, September 12, 2006

delay day!

soooo....fog delays are probably my most favorite invention ever. nice unexpected (usually) slow mornings. don't have to make them up in june.

fog delay = extra sleep
fog delays for both of us = j-man goes to Sonic and gets us strawberry limeades
strawberry limeade = happy mrs. h
happy mrs. h = happy students

the weather today and tonight is supposed to be about the same as it was yesterday and last night, so it's looking good for the home team...

this week is BUSY, but good. we've got two meets at home, which i love. it's a lot of fun to host because we have the best course (at least i think so!) it's actually the most CROSSCOUNTRYISH (nice word, me!) of all the courses we run. it's the hardest, too, i think. up and down. up and down. other places it just seems like we're running around the school yard. booooo-rrrrring. home meets are also good because parents come, which is wonderful for the kids to feel all proud, and then they are there to take their kids home right away and i get home a whole HOUR earlier than away meets! no bus ride, much less waiting for rides. ahhhh....

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