Monday, September 18, 2006

Trying to perk myself up!

Feeling just a bit blue today. Could be the weather--the end of summer is official, I am starting to think. Bums me onto things that make me smile. I suppose it could also be the start of stupid ISTEP...blahhhhh I have better things to do with my time--but enough about that!

1. Taking Janice to her first ever Johnny Appleseed Festival. Oh boy! All the fun old-fashioned food and other goodies and coming home smelling like fire!
2. Coming home and being able to veg a little. Tivo makes me happy--I got home at 5, but I still got to watch the Rachael Ray show...not sure how sold I am on it, but I liked the food ideas she had. Yay for Tivo and being able to watch the parts that interest me!
3. AUTHENTIC conversations...with the husband, and then later with the h.s. girls Bible study. Both somewhat challenging, but very very good and very very real.
4. Just a little something that I thought was funny and just now found again. I believe we were somewhere in California when I took this picture:

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