Thursday, November 30, 2006

overheard today...

Student #1: I don’t understand how they predict all this snow and winter storm stuff.
Student #2: They use the chaos theory.

so cute.
so wrong.
i love it.
he was dead serious.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

good times...noodle salad...

fun weekend.
met the baby. (Elliott)
he belongs to friends and decided to show up 6 weeks early!
he's ok, though, doing well.
and looking very very cute.
here he is
that's not his mom
but it was the picture that best shows how TINY he is!

also got lots done on my SWEATER!
i'm making forecast from knitty.
love love love it.
going to make a few changes to the pattern a la things i saw on craftster.
joined a knitalong...pretty cool...a bunch of people making the same thing...although i think theirs look better than mine does!!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Because she checks my blog...

yes because she checks this (which i LOVE) i wish to present "the weekend mer and tyler played with us" in pictures!!! we had much fun playing around and also being lazy and watching ridiculous home improvement projects on "This Old House"... honestly, who knew that fixing pipes in the basement could be

these have been shrunk so blogger will let me post them. mer, i'll have to get them up somewhere else if you want to print them off! the "senior pictures" all turned out really cute!

in other news...ummmm...WHERE DID FRIDAY COME FROM?? holy cow, this week has flown. not that i'm complaining, mind just happened really fast that it is friday again already. that's good because it means that i get to party down with dear teresa (and others) tonight, work on some neglected knitting (OOH FOR A BABY SHOWER WE'RE HOSTING sunday! yay!) and catch up on sleep. phew.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

sock it to me

i have (drumroll please!) completed my first socks...a little late (2 days) for socktoberfest but at least i gave it a shot, right? a really simple 2x2 ribbed pattern...and i definitely need to get better at grafting...the toes look not so good to me...but hey, i learned how they go together and i'm excited to try another pair in a nicer yarn. this is something from Hobby Lobby that looked cool in the skein, then when i knitted it up, the variegated colors turned into blobs of pink and gray and strips of blue and red...grrrr...oh well, they're soft and comfy and WARM (very important today). and if anyone knows how to take pictures of your own feet so that your legs don't look like sausages, let me know!!!