Friday, November 10, 2006

Because she checks my blog...

yes because she checks this (which i LOVE) i wish to present "the weekend mer and tyler played with us" in pictures!!! we had much fun playing around and also being lazy and watching ridiculous home improvement projects on "This Old House"... honestly, who knew that fixing pipes in the basement could be

these have been shrunk so blogger will let me post them. mer, i'll have to get them up somewhere else if you want to print them off! the "senior pictures" all turned out really cute!

in other news...ummmm...WHERE DID FRIDAY COME FROM?? holy cow, this week has flown. not that i'm complaining, mind just happened really fast that it is friday again already. that's good because it means that i get to party down with dear teresa (and others) tonight, work on some neglected knitting (OOH FOR A BABY SHOWER WE'RE HOSTING sunday! yay!) and catch up on sleep. phew.

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