Tuesday, December 19, 2006


so i just discovered the comments that i had been getting on my blog! hahah...i get to look them over, then add them if they are from people i know/like/find acceptable. woo, i'm a blogging dork. but at least some people read it! yay! thank you, from the bottom of my little dusty corner of cyberspace.

30 minutes: going down to the gym to see the basketball teams do their best against CMS...j-man is coming, since he knows those kiddos! we'll see how that all turns out...
24 .5 hours: Baking With Janice. sounds like a fun PBS show, like Sewing With Nancy. actually, i'm baking with Hava too. should be a rockin good time.
2 days: driving up to ray-town...may the force be with us! it will be sooooo very good to see natie and sarah, though!

love to my ninjas.

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