Friday, December 15, 2006

A little fun as we approach year's end...

15 years ago today, I was…
1. first chair alto sax in the MMS band
2. brokenhearted because I didn't make the basketball team
3. best friends with denise and erin

10 years ago today, I was…
1. killing myself over IB chemistry
2. really involved in church youth stuff
3. mad at my dad for having more kids

5 years ago today, I was…
1. substitute teaching
2. enjoying a new relationship--with j-man
3. living in the mddle of nowhere!

3 years ago today, I was…
1. getting ready to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary!
2. cussing while coming out of anesthesia for my wisdom tooth surgery ("where are my f---ing teeth? Give me my f---ing teeth back!")
3. the proud owner of a shiny new teaching license

1 year ago today, I was…
1. in trouble for finding my Christmas present (accidentally, I swear!)
2. really excited about an upcoming anniversary trip to Chicago
3. really getting into this knitting thing

So far this year, I have…
1. knit myself a sweater
2. rearranged both spare bedrooms
3. found out that I'll need to rearrange one of those spare bedrooms. :)

Yesterday, I…
1. shopped for my Secret Santa person
2. had (and indulged) a SERIOUS craving for a baked potato with sour cream
3. was really tired and DIDN'T address my Christmas cards...

Today, I…
1. hit snooze too many times and woke j-man up too early for his liking
2. received a candle and yummy chocolate from my Secret Santa
3. ate a brownie and smeared chocolate on my teeth and walked down the hallway at school, smiling at the kids

Tomorrow, I…
1. will go to a fun party
2. will brave the crowds to do a little shopping in the A.M.
3. will do some much needed cleaning, since it looks like crazy people live in my house.

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