Friday, February 24, 2006

Knitting Olympics completed! Gold Medal for me!

The knitting part of my Olympics project was finished a while back, but the fringe and beads were waiting until a perfect moment. Last night during the ski jump and figure skating seemed as good a time as any to wrap it all up. Here it is behaving nicely on my desk chair:

And here it is I don't think I'll wear it with these pants for real...and no I don't usually take pictures in the bathroom, but my cat wasn't cooperating and I didn't have the patience to diddle around with the timer! So that's it! It's done!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

so...what have YOU been up to??

Alright, so I'm supposed to be hard at work finishing my Knitting Olympics project...instead I find myself starting a sock (this is new for me! woohoo!) and making an entire sweater (settle down, I'm still new at this--it's for a baby!) Here's the sweater, which I am quite pleased with! The pattern is here.

My Knitting Olympics entry is a cabled belt, and it's in the dryer right now, shrinking I hope. I used cotton yarn, and it just needs some sort of tie and some beads and I'll be done. It actually went pretty quickly, since I had a car trip and some time at my mom's to work on it. Here is a picture, pre-shrinkage and pre-finishing touches. Hopefully it'll look cute slung over jeans or a long loose skirt!

Cables weren't so scary after all!!

The pattern is from a little Vogue Knitting book I found at the library. I used the yarn they called for because it was cheap and easy to find! It was Sugar and Cream in Ecru. It took less than one ball to do the whole belt, but I'm not done finishing it up yet!

One more photo of this madness before I head to bed! My first sock! Casting on...I'm a bit farther along now, but we'll see how this looks kind of fat for my leg...

Monday, February 06, 2006

It's a great feeling to get TWO projects completed over the weekend. It was gross and snowy out all weekend, so I got a third bootie (the first two didn't wind up matching, size-wise!) and the rest of a pink panta that had been sitting around 1/2 finished for about a month! Here's a picture of the booties! They are from "Weekend Knitting" by Melanie Falick, but I just couldn't make them out of ANGORA (um...I don't think you can throw that in the washer after the baby spits up on it...) so I used one strand of some Caron baby acrylic stuff and one strand of this super fine "peach fuzz" from Hobby Lobby to get that fuzzy look. I'm not fooling anyone into thinking they are angora, but that wasn't the point!

So of course I immediately cast on a new project...I started the "Made with Love" baby cardigan from MagKnits to teach myself how to make a sweater!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

so they say...

It was a record-breaking warmest January. I knew something didn't feel right...and this weirdness knows no's now February and it was FIFTY TWO today when I got home! It was nice, but it's going to encourage whineyness when it really gets back to normal. Supposedly a blizzard is in the works for the weekend...and I find myself thinking that would be kind of fun. I figure if it happens, I'll just get a lot of progress on my knitting projects, like the pink version of the fun hat in my picture there. And I want to try to knit socks! I have the yarn, just. need. more. time.