Tuesday, August 29, 2006

woop woop!

woohoo! meredith reads my blog!
this i like.
now she just needs to get her cute little hind end down from chi-town to see me!!!

yay for GOOD days!
can i get a woop woop?!
Good list for today:
1. Cooler weather made my classroom much more bearable today. i might actually say it was comfortable! might...a/c would still be a good thing up in that piece...
2. my principal actually complimented my "enthusiasm and leadership" today! wow! i'd like to think i do what i do because i love it, but it is really really good to be affirmed sometimes, you know?
3. my XC kids had an AMAZING practice today! they ran SOOO well and i was a proud proud coach!
4. XC kids just making me laugh today. i was running next to a couple of the boys, and one of them totally took to the air and hosed me by splashing in a puddle. it was so funny that i couldn't be mad. then this girl decided that i need to have a baby so she suggested that "tonight, you and the mister...you know..." oh, again so funny, how can you be mad at that? i'm just glad i don't have her in class this year...so inappropriate!!
5. it felt like fall! and sweaters and fall colors and pumpkins and apple crisp make me happy. only a month and half until our lovely Brown County weekend away!

and i'm not going to make a bad list because what's the point today?

OHHHH and some kid today asked me what an anal probe was. he was totally and completely SERIOUS. auuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

and here's the picture that someone saw and recognized janice, and then her son recognized all of us!!! small world, eh?

love and kung fu to all!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


thanks for my friends.
thanks that we have each other.
and can be authentic.
thanks even for email and the internet...
that we know what's up (and down, i guess...)
even though we're spread out
and so "busy" and burdened with all the stuff life throws out...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

productive day!

YUM...this is what i'm eating for lunch--is it weird that i'm taking pictures of my food? it was just so pretty, the red and the green and the white...

It's just tomatoes (from the garden!), basil, red onions, fresh mozzarella (the really soft kind, oh joy of joys...) and a little balsamic vinegar and good olive oil, salt, pepper...

Yes, it's late lunch because i was school shopping. yes, i still think it's fun to go school shopping. picked up stuff for my classroom and some cute outfits for my baking-hot room...

and....drumroll please...here's what i FINALLY finished yesterday:

yes, i am just nuts enough to make a whole entire king-size quilt...it's been sitting partially completed in my front bedroom for a year, i think...oh the shame! so now it's done for the rest of the warmer months. i don't like it well enought to forsake the down comforter come winter! though jamie told me it's not a sin to be proud in the sense that i am proud of this bad boy...i love it on the bed!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

back home again...in blogland...

trying this again...after being gone for what seemed like all summer...and it's nearly time to start right back up again with school. i'm looking forward to a new batch of kiddos, but i'm also grieving the loss of my freedom to schedule my days around what i want to accomplish...pretty selfish, huh? usually my to-do list looks like this:

1. run w/ the cross country kids (if it's Mon/Tue/Thurs)
2. a little cleaning
3. make something for lunch that i like that the husband would never eat! (today it was caprese salad--oh YUM!)
4. maybe a nap...z..z.zzzzzzzzz
5. toot around on the internet, email some peeps
6. get disgusted w/ myself for sitting here, go do something crafty...knit, sew (maybe i will one day finish that big blue quilt!), attempt to scrapbook...
7. make some dinner for the hubs and me...usually grilled...so easy...

rough, huh? i loooooooooooove me some summer!

speaking of rough, check out Jeremy's 6th grade picture...yes that's all his own hair...wouldn't know it now, would you?? hhehehe