Thursday, October 26, 2006

the tale of the taking...or why i love my students...

so i have this oven mitt. nothing spectacular. just a freebie w/ the name and phone number of a bank in town. however, on fridays, it becomes a really obnoxious puppet with a high screechy voice and a habit of verbally harassing kids that are going to be late to class. they say they hate it, but they really love it. didn't you like the really wacky teachers much better than the stuffy ones??? i know. iiii knowwww. (said like Rachael Ray, of course.) oven mitt was KIDNAPPED two fridays ago at some point in the afternoon. i heard rumors, blew it off. but alas, they got her. i've been getting ransom notes and pictures in my teacher mailbox...they've been very creative, even named her. PALMala HANDerson. pretty funny if you ask me!!

the ransom notes are pretty funny...lots of rhyming and demands that i do jumping jacks or run in place during passing time. i retaliated because i liked what they were doing for my oven mitt--hair, eyes, did i know what they were doing? well, i got these pictures w/ the ransom notes...

did i get palmala back? yes, of course. she even danced at the dance on friday. helped me chaperone. what a gal. the best part? i know who the kids are that took it and did this, but they are being very discreet and not really outing give her back, they wrote a referral and somehow got her into the assistant principal's office. that's where i found her!

how much do i love my students? how much do i love my job?? how much do i love that BOYS did some crafty, seamstress-like things to my oven mitt????? for the not-as-fun part of my job...two days of parent-teacher conferences. wish me luck!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Bad-blogger-me hasn't been updating...but it's not like I have a huge following, so it's all fine by me. I've been sick, and then we went camping in Brown County (love!) and now...well...I've just been enjoying fall a lot.

Trellis from Knitty is done! (Well, except for buttons, but I have to wait until I find the perfect buttons that are also washable...) I started this sucker in June...this was the project I took up to the lake that month, then I abandoned it when we went out west. It doesn't have an owner, it was just something I wanted to make for the challenge, and I thought it was really cute!

and here's the back, which is what made me want to attempt this sweater in the first place:

Monday, October 02, 2006

stuff that is stupid...

1. the flu or whatever it is that i have.
2. not having energy to do ANYTHING.
3. cold feet.
4. in-service on thursday. i call it in-circus instead.
5. having to read a book for in-circus...the next big thing, right?

sorry to be so negative...rahhhh!