Thursday, January 11, 2007

12 Week Update

I've seen some of these around, and it's kind of fun to document this stuff. It's fun (right now) to be knocked up. I'm sure I'll want to remember this...especially in July when I just want it to be OVER!


How far along: 12 weeks and some days...Depending on which book you're reading, this week or next week is the first one of my 2nd trimester! WOOT!

Weight gained: LOST 2 pounds...all the walking when we were in DC, I guess!

Cravings: For a while it was baked potatoes with sour cream...ummm ok. Now it's usually salty stuff. Popcorn, banana peppers...but last night j-lo was making chocolate cupcakes (for another woman...gasp!) and I realized I was hovering and wiped the drool of my chin...he let me eat TWO of them. WHATAMAN I GOT!

Clothing: Still in all my regular clothes. Good thing, since I have no maternity clothes yet. I just don't know what I want/need yet.

Sleeping: Not too bad...though I wake up a lot to go pee...that's definitely new for me. Not the peeing, but the waking up to do it. I don't normally go in the bed, I mean...I usually sleep all night and pee in the morning. Ok I'm officially tired of talking about this. Done.

Boy or girl: Don't know what I think. J-dog thinks it's a girl (I think he wants a boy, so he says girl so he won't be dissapointed?)...I've had THREE dreams that it's a girl. In one she was doing gymnastics in her diaper, in my garage, and I was pooping in a laundry basket...I have NO idea what those additional parts mean...probably too much to share, eh?

Movement: Nothing yet, of course.

What I miss: Margaritas. We still have a bucket in the garage freezer and I sniffed it yesterday. Sigh...I tell Jer that the baby will LIKE margaritas, but he doesn't seem to agree...

Looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat at the next appointment!

Best moment this week: J-man noticing that I have a little belly-pooch now! Can't hide it...just looks like flub, though.

Milestones: Starting to feel like me again! A little energy back, and less nausea. "Hi, Kelly, nice to see you again." "Thanks, Kelly, it's nice to be here."

In non-baby news: Back in the swing of school, now that BOTH of us are working this week. I was the only working one in our household last week. It was sort of nice to have a Hubby Homemaker, though. Would have been even better if I came home and he was wearing an luck there...but he did finish the blanket chest/coffee table and it's BEAUTIFUL!


Anonymous said...

Yummy... the cupcakes sounded very tasty. Wish I could be there to mark the milestones with sure are one cute preggy lady!

Anonymous said...

that was from mer....forgot to say that! love you!