Sunday, January 28, 2007

Better late than never (14+ week update)

How far along: 14, almost 15 weeks. For some reason, 15 sounds sooo much further along than 14...

Weight gained: I might just take this question off of here--I thought it might be a fun bit of progress to monitor, but since I don't get on the scale, I have no news. After Tuesday (appt.) I will know something. I'm guessing 3-5 pounds. I have quite the gut!

Cravings: Spaghetti-o's. I bought the kind with calcium, so there is something redeeming about eating those! Other cravings: sandwiches like the one I made at Janice's house on Thursday! After eating over there, I went and bought a loaf of ciabatta, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and good ham!

Clothing: Still in regular clothes. I noticed this week, though, that I'm getting a little more girth below the belly button. That makes some things a bit tight, but I've made friends with those belly bands and that helps.

Sleeping: Not bad. I guess you're not really supposed to sleep on your back, but that's what I'm doing. At least until I get too large.

Boy or girl: I still think it's a girl. A pink baby. I hope she likes a green room, though! We decided this week that it's going to be a surprise!

Movement: I think I'm feeling it! Little twitches and bumps every few days, from about the same place each time.

What I miss: Margaritas. I got one sans tequila the other night...not nearly as tasty!

Looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat on Tuesday!

Best moment this week: Two of my cross country girls team came in after school and shared their McDonald's french fries--they wanted to "feed the baby"!!! So cute. Love those girls.

Milestones: Nothing really sticks out as a "milestone", although the silly name "Cletus the Fetus" has kind of stuck...I was just being goofy a while back when I read that it had moved from embryo status to fetus status, but now we're calling it Cletus a lot. Jeremy works with someone who is temporary living in an RV while her house is being finished, and her kids named the RV "Herman". She said we should take Herman when the building is over, so we can "raise Cletus up right". Rick-diculus.

In non-baby news: We got our first REALLLL snowfall last night. We'd had some half-hearted attempts, but now the ground is COMPLETELY white and I'm realllllyyyy happy about it. All cozy in my house with knitting (I'm attempting this for the second time--the first one was a TENT) and DVDs today. Perfect lazy Sunday.

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