Thursday, February 22, 2007

Week 18 Update on Cletus the Fetus

How far along: 18 weeks

Weight gained: We'll just wait to see what the doc says next week. I'm thinking it's going to sound big this time...

Cravings: I am ALL ABOUT Meijer brand Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Salt and Vinegar...typing that made my mouth water. I posted about this earlier. Before pregnancy, I could take or leave potato chips. But now...a whole different story. Meijer brand are by far the best. They're so love love. Pretty sad how muh I enjoy those.

Clothing: Still in my regular clothes. They get tight on my I was SUPER excited when Angie called and said I could pick up her maternity wear--and she loaned me about 3873459239508 pairs of pants, NONE of which stay up for me yet. So it's back to the regular pants worn unbuttoned, with the belly band on top. Not terrible, but not super cute either. Oh well. I'm not doing this for the cute.

Sleeping: Like a baby.

Boy or girl: I'm still thinking girl. Though there's been so much movement this week, I am having my first doubts about being so firmly planted on Team Pink. We shall see.

Movement: Holy baby, Batman! It's been a wild week! I keep calling it a BUSY BABY. We may have a gymnast on our hands. Tuesday night I felt little pokes over and over in the same spot, so I put my hand there, and things must have been just right, because I felt two little jabs from the OUTSIDE!!! I called Jdogg over, and he was patient, but baby was done...or moved somehow so you couldn't feel it anymore. I know it's early, but what the heck else could it be????

What I miss: I really missed wine over the weekend while we were in Detroit. Just having that with a yummy dinner makes things feel special, and it was a special weekend, and I did have a few sips (gasp! I know), but it was my brother's wedding. That only happens once!

Looking forward to: Still looking forward to the ultrasound on Wednesday. Anna got me a little frame for the ultrasound pic that says "Love and First Sight"--so it will be fun to put a pic in there and put it in the room that will be the baby's.

Best moment this week: Getting to share the excitement of being pregnant with lots of family that came to Detroit for the wedding. So great.

Milestones: Having the movement change from little flutters to more solid thumps--and of course feeling the two little punches the other night!

In non-baby news: Natie's wedding was great, got to see lots of family and celebrate. I had a lot of fun with everyone there, really. Nate's got great in-laws now! Also, the weather has been pretty random--we're finally above freezing and that made it feel springy! And we got yesterday off for FOG...I have yet to work a full week this month. Kind of nice.

18 week pictures I took w/ the self-timer in my classroom today. Please please please ignore my scrubby outfit (I promise I wore a sweater while kids were in my room) and also forgive the oh-so-stylish burnt orange carpet (I like to tell kids "you should have seen it when it was white!):

1. The full monty:

2. Holy bozoooms, batman!

3. This may appear to be just a picture of my room, but look carefully and the left hand side. Yeah, I was figuring out the self-timer. This picture just makes me laugh.

Yep, it finally looks like baby instead of blubber! Woohoo!!!

xxoxoxox all

two, two, two weeks in one! (16 and 17 week update because life is crazy like that)

How far along: 16 weeks/17 weeks

Weight gained: won't update this until I go to the doctor on the 28th.

Cravings: Still interested in saltiness/Casa salad and pasta--good thing Maryanne's bday party is at Casa!!

Clothing: Still in my regular clothes, though when I sit down with my pants buttoned, it's a little uncomfortable. And some of my more snug shirts ride up and I get belly's HOT, trust me...ok not really.

Sleeping: Not bad at all, to be honest. Let's hope it stays that way.

Boy or girl: I'm still thinking girl. Just because of the dreams, really.

Movement: Twitchy little things are still what I feel for the most part, but I haven't felt much the past couple of weeks, really. Probably because life has been crazy busy...

What I miss: Sigh...margaritas. And summer. Though I would miss summer right now even if I wasn't knocked up!

Looking forward to: Ultrasound is scheduled for the 28th...I've been wanting one the whole time so far--but I guess it's good that my doctor doesn't seem to think I NEED one, just wants to wait until things are a little farther along, so she can check on the brain, heart, spine, etc...

Best moment this week: Jeremy finding a girl's name that we both like was pretty fun. He really wants the name to have a good meaning, and I think we might be there. For now, at least! I'm not publishing this information for all of blogland to see. If you want to know, call me! But you have to at least act like you think it's the most perfect name you've ever heard.

Milestones: I don't know that we had a "milestone" during these two weeks. I'm ok with that. I'm not overly worried about milestone making...when they happen, I'll know, I dare say.

In non-baby news: Oy...Science Fair finally wrapped up the 7th...I'm not going to lie; I'm glad that's over. I think it's dumb. And somehow I've been stuck sponsoring it for the past 3 years. Probably because everyone else thinks it's dumb, too. They've just already put in their time. Went to the Hoosier Association of Science Teachers Conference (aka Geek Fest 2007) in Indy the 8th and 9th, which was enjoyable and helpful, but I was glad to get home and have the weekend alone (Jer was out of town skiing that weekend) to recoup. The 13th and 14th we were off of school for the Blizzard of '07. It felt really good to have a proper snowing-in. Just relaxed and got a break. For being the shortest month, February is freaking LONG...I think people fill Feb up with plans because it drags so horribly...just a theory...

Here are the 16 week pictures:

bad blogger!

bad blogger...that's me!

i've been MIA with general craziness...and darn it all, i really wanted to jot info down about each week of pregnancy! alas, that will not happen. unless i cheat. perhaps i shall. mwahh hah ha....

and i had such good intentions for today. brought the camera to school, played w/ the self timer and got some shots of the belly...and have no matching USB cable here at KMS...i can think of one more abbreviation that applies right now...SNAFU...wooo i just kill me.

can i just say that i have spring fever in the worst way??? yesterday after the crazy freezing fog (who's ever heard of THAT?) was gone, it got SUNNY and about 40 degrees and i got all excited...too bad it's set to be 30 and snowy next week....sigh....

other current highlights:
1. um...nate's wedding???? yep. so fun, even though i got red feet. pictures to come.
2. i have yet to work a full week in february. getting lots done at home. new roman shades up in the kitchen and nursery(!)
3. meijer kettle cooked potato chips. i'm not normally a chip eater per se, but those are so good! they're really HARD and current pregnancy obsession.
4. the word "poop".
5. catching up with mer. talking to her is why i'm motivated to update this shizzo.
6. seeing j-naughty and h-dog this eve. love those girls. probably not a joyous night tonight, exactly...but much needed girl time. real time. xoxox i feel the need for a picture to spice this up a about a couple of my star students, hard at work in science class??

ok back to actual work.
i love test days.
but now i have to poop.
and then eat.
to poop again.
ah, the circle of life.

hineywipe out.
hahah that's almost like wipeout.

Friday, February 02, 2007

15 Weeks!

How far along: 15, almost 16 weeks. Tomorrow I'll hit 4 months! wow!

Weight gained: Went to the doc this week, I'm up 3 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight...clothes alone could account for that, but I'll take it.

Cravings: I'm still really interested in eating Spaghetti-o's. That and just salty food in general.

Clothing: Still in regular clothes.

Sleeping: Not bad. Doc said it's ok to sleep on my back for now, so that's what I do.

Boy or girl: I'm still thinking girl. Havilah called her Cletusita, which sounds like a disease, so I may need a new temporary baby name.

Movement: Twitchy, like a little gerbil trying to get out...not every day, but I'm 99% sure it's the baby now!

What I miss: Beer, especially as SuperBowl Sunday approaches.

Looking forward to: Ultrasound is scheduled for the 28th! Can't wait to see the little critter!

Best moment this week: The heartbeat! I thought I would cry, but I didn't. Probably because I thought it was mine at first! Nice and loud, and went from 146-152 while we listened. That moment, and when a couple of my students brought in a sa-weet little Purdue outfit that they picked up over the weekend at a basketball game! Perfect size for next football season!

Milestones: Hearing the heartbeat for the first time, of course! That, and telling my principal about my plans for next year and beyond. I cried. Didn't want to, but I did. I love my job, I really do. Sigh. It's hard to make decisions based on a little person you haven't even met yet!

In non-baby news: Getting ready for Natie's wedding--starting to really look forward to being a part of that and to see a lot of family I don't normally get to see! Yay!