Thursday, February 22, 2007

bad blogger!

bad blogger...that's me!

i've been MIA with general craziness...and darn it all, i really wanted to jot info down about each week of pregnancy! alas, that will not happen. unless i cheat. perhaps i shall. mwahh hah ha....

and i had such good intentions for today. brought the camera to school, played w/ the self timer and got some shots of the belly...and have no matching USB cable here at KMS...i can think of one more abbreviation that applies right now...SNAFU...wooo i just kill me.

can i just say that i have spring fever in the worst way??? yesterday after the crazy freezing fog (who's ever heard of THAT?) was gone, it got SUNNY and about 40 degrees and i got all excited...too bad it's set to be 30 and snowy next week....sigh....

other current highlights:
1. um...nate's wedding???? yep. so fun, even though i got red feet. pictures to come.
2. i have yet to work a full week in february. getting lots done at home. new roman shades up in the kitchen and nursery(!)
3. meijer kettle cooked potato chips. i'm not normally a chip eater per se, but those are so good! they're really HARD and current pregnancy obsession.
4. the word "poop".
5. catching up with mer. talking to her is why i'm motivated to update this shizzo.
6. seeing j-naughty and h-dog this eve. love those girls. probably not a joyous night tonight, exactly...but much needed girl time. real time. xoxox i feel the need for a picture to spice this up a about a couple of my star students, hard at work in science class??

ok back to actual work.
i love test days.
but now i have to poop.
and then eat.
to poop again.
ah, the circle of life.

hineywipe out.
hahah that's almost like wipeout.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for being motivated. It was so good to chat.
How 'bout: rubby the ... maybe the baby or rubby the ... filed the child