Thursday, February 22, 2007

Week 18 Update on Cletus the Fetus

How far along: 18 weeks

Weight gained: We'll just wait to see what the doc says next week. I'm thinking it's going to sound big this time...

Cravings: I am ALL ABOUT Meijer brand Kettle Cooked Potato Chips, Salt and Vinegar...typing that made my mouth water. I posted about this earlier. Before pregnancy, I could take or leave potato chips. But now...a whole different story. Meijer brand are by far the best. They're so love love. Pretty sad how muh I enjoy those.

Clothing: Still in my regular clothes. They get tight on my I was SUPER excited when Angie called and said I could pick up her maternity wear--and she loaned me about 3873459239508 pairs of pants, NONE of which stay up for me yet. So it's back to the regular pants worn unbuttoned, with the belly band on top. Not terrible, but not super cute either. Oh well. I'm not doing this for the cute.

Sleeping: Like a baby.

Boy or girl: I'm still thinking girl. Though there's been so much movement this week, I am having my first doubts about being so firmly planted on Team Pink. We shall see.

Movement: Holy baby, Batman! It's been a wild week! I keep calling it a BUSY BABY. We may have a gymnast on our hands. Tuesday night I felt little pokes over and over in the same spot, so I put my hand there, and things must have been just right, because I felt two little jabs from the OUTSIDE!!! I called Jdogg over, and he was patient, but baby was done...or moved somehow so you couldn't feel it anymore. I know it's early, but what the heck else could it be????

What I miss: I really missed wine over the weekend while we were in Detroit. Just having that with a yummy dinner makes things feel special, and it was a special weekend, and I did have a few sips (gasp! I know), but it was my brother's wedding. That only happens once!

Looking forward to: Still looking forward to the ultrasound on Wednesday. Anna got me a little frame for the ultrasound pic that says "Love and First Sight"--so it will be fun to put a pic in there and put it in the room that will be the baby's.

Best moment this week: Getting to share the excitement of being pregnant with lots of family that came to Detroit for the wedding. So great.

Milestones: Having the movement change from little flutters to more solid thumps--and of course feeling the two little punches the other night!

In non-baby news: Natie's wedding was great, got to see lots of family and celebrate. I had a lot of fun with everyone there, really. Nate's got great in-laws now! Also, the weather has been pretty random--we're finally above freezing and that made it feel springy! And we got yesterday off for FOG...I have yet to work a full week this month. Kind of nice.

18 week pictures I took w/ the self-timer in my classroom today. Please please please ignore my scrubby outfit (I promise I wore a sweater while kids were in my room) and also forgive the oh-so-stylish burnt orange carpet (I like to tell kids "you should have seen it when it was white!):

1. The full monty:

2. Holy bozoooms, batman!

3. This may appear to be just a picture of my room, but look carefully and the left hand side. Yeah, I was figuring out the self-timer. This picture just makes me laugh.

Yep, it finally looks like baby instead of blubber! Woohoo!!!

xxoxoxox all

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Anonymous said...

Such a cute preggy lady. You and Cletus/Cleta look swell together! Thanks for keeping us posted.
Love you, mer.