Sunday, March 11, 2007

20 weeks

How far along: 20 weeks, some days (actually, I'm 21 weeks now, but this update didn't happen until now...)
Weight gained: Still right around 8, depending on the time of day.
Cravings: Anything made out of potatoes...bake them, fry them, shred them, whatever...
Clothing: Still in regular clothes for the most part, though I wish maternity pants would stay up, OR I could just get away with wearing sweats everywhere. But I still actually have pants that I can button (though not very many anymore
Sleeping: I think it's fine, but Jeremy informs me that I have taken up snoring like it's my job. That, and I guess I bug him by tossing and turning a lot. It's all news to me!
Boy or girl: I honestly have no idea.
Movement: Still a very busy baby. I think he/she is building a little city in there. There is a lot going on!!
What I miss: Ok, so is it bad that I put some sort of alcoholic beverage on here every week? I'm just being honest...we had people over and made fajitas last night. It was a gorgeous day, it was warm(ish) and sunny, so it was perfect food...but everyone else was enjoying beer...and I was would have been so tasty!
Looking forward to: Wearing clothes that are a little more comfortable.
Best moment this week: Jeremy felt the baby kick! He had been playing along very nicely, patiently putting his hand on my belly and never feeling anything, but last night, he felt a little thump, didn't believe that was the baby, then got a BIG one, and said "NO WAY!" He kept hoping for another good one, but then baby started kicking my bladder instead...alas.
This week, I also finished up a little project--I knitted a little cotton bolero sweater, maybe for bringing the little bundle home! Here's a picture of it, and a picture of the detail on the back. The little symbol is supposed to be good luck. I don't take much stock in luck, but it's cute at least!
Milestones: I've crossed the half-way mark!!! Woot woot! Now, there was actually no baby for the first 2 weeks (silly pregnancy dates...the way they do that is kind of weird) and for the first 5 weeks or so, I didn't even know I was pregnant...BUT halfway to 40 nonetheless! The 15 or so weeks that I've been aware of little Cletus have gone pretty quickly, though. 15 more and I'll be 35 weeks, it will be SUMMER and school will be out! Bring it.
In non-baby news: It's supposed to be warm(ish) all week and I'm pumped. It's in the 50s right now and sunny. I took a 3 mile walk earlier today and just really enjoyed getting out, shaking the winter "buh". Can't complain, especially since someone amazing has a birthday this week. La la!

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