Friday, March 16, 2007

21 weeks...over the hump...

How far along: 21 weeks, approaching the end of week 22...

Weight gained: Don't know!

Cravings: Rare steak...mmmmmmeat! And (separately) ham and beans. Made up a pot on Monday. Yum! and fibrous!

Clothing: Still can button some of my pants, and still struggling w/ maternity clothes staying up. Shopping is planned for tomorrow to remedy this situation. I'm also thinking I may sew up a couple of cute drawstring skirts for the nice weather! I do have quite the belly coming. They're at home.

Sleeping: Jeremy says I still snore and toss and turn...I think it's starting to affect the quality of my sleep...I feel kind of spacey a lot lately. Like more spacey than normal. Ha!

Boy or girl: I really can't rule one or the other out. The H-fam all thinks it's going to be a girl. One of Jeremy's aunts (who is a nurse) felt me up last night and assesses the bump to be up high and GIRL...we shall see!

Movement: Not as much craziness...maybe baby is getting bigger? Don't know. I get some good thumps on my bladder, though, that make me cringe, esp. while driving! So--less movement, but BIGGER movement.

What I miss: Coaching track. Conditioning has started and I feel like I'm missing out! It doesn't help that the kids all give me a hard time--I guess that makes me feel good, sort of, that they miss me...but right now I feel like I could do it...however by May, I'm sure I'll be glad about my choice.

Looking forward to: Spring Break--going to Shipshewana to look at fabric and hopefully get some stuff rolling for the baby's room. Maybe I'll paint the rocking chair if the weather is nice...

Best moment this week: Jeremy surprising me with "Babymoon" plans! Nothing big, a trip to a neighboring city. But it will be nice to get away and just focus on us. And be a little selfish while we still can.

Milestones: Last no-baby birthday this week! It was a really nice day. :) Lots of good wishes and phone calls and present and a visit from Gpa Leo.

In non-baby news: I broke a drawer in my desk here at school a couple of hours ago. Pretty funny--I pulled it out, the bottom of the drawer FELL OUT and all the crap went on the floor. The kids liked that one!

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Gina said...

It always sucks when they do the two-step on the bladder...