Wednesday, March 28, 2007

23 week update...yes, already

How far along: debateable...according the the doctor visit this morning, i'm 24 weeks today. so i'll update the 23 week info now and maybe i can stay on track with the NEW, UPDATED, due date of July 16. Sounds good to me.

Weight Gained: According the doctor's scale today, I'm up 11 pounds. Not too bad, I don't think.

Cravings: Jimmy John's. Still have not's kind of a long drive for a sandwich...why can't they put one out here. People would love it, Jimmy, trust me!

Clothing: Maternity mostly, and since it's spring break, sweats and PJs make up a large proportion of my wardrobe.

Sleeping: the same. stinky. and last night i had cracked out dreams that i had been married before Jeremy and it was all news to me and there were all these documents I had signed, but I had signed them all with my current married name. weird.

Boy or girl: I'm still saying boy.

Movement: Oh, baby is a karate superstar in there. Kicked the doppler machine when the nurse was trying to get the heartbeat this morning. Pretty funny.

What I miss: Being able to sleep on command.

Best moment this week: Jeremy and his baby-bonding moments. I'm not sure how I feel about him yelling at my belly at night, but it's funny. "HELLO BABY!" "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE BABY?" "HOW WAS YOUR DAY BABY?" and then he's all sweet and tones it down for "I love you, Baby." awwwww....swoon....

Milestones: The big due date bump-up is kind of a big deal. I'm pretty happy about it. The sooner the better--I want to meet this little person! AND enjoy summer with him/her. AND not be hot and uncomfortable for a super long time.

In non-baby news: We are officially HILLBILLIES. Jeremy cut a really large (frozen) pork loin in half with a miter box saw. So today I am going to cut it into chops and marinate it for our small group cookout. I am using a KNIFE because it's thawed out now. Pretty funny, cutting meat with power tools. I tell you...we definitely live in Indiana. Where people applaud you for that sort of thing.

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