Saturday, March 03, 2007

19 weeks and counting....

How far along: 19 weeks, several days

Weight gained: I'm going to be vulnerable...and tell the truth...8 pounds...doc and nurse didn't seem to think that was a lot, but it sounds like a lot. Although I'm sure that I have gained 1 pound in each of my really 6 pounds??? Not too bad for being halfway there!

Cravings: A hamburger, done on the grill, on a whole wheat bun with lots of tomato and lettuce. I have very specific food fantasies...this particular craving led to one of our funnier fights...I'm not going to write it all out here, but it wound up good--we had a good talk.

Clothing: Well, starting to grow out of some of my regular pants, which is frustrating, because maternity pants don't stay up. Wearing the ones that fit over and over and over...and a couple pairs that don't fit, unbuttoned, with long shirts and a belly band.

Sleeping: Just fine. Though it seems I can't get enough!

Boy or girl: Hard to say this week. We've started calling it "he"...for no real reason. Although the way baby is scooting around in there, it seems very boy-like!

Movement: BUSY BUSY BABY! Just doesn't stop. I don't notice as much when I'm standing up or moving around, but as soon as I'm sitting or laying down, look out, it's a party in there! Baby even did a couple of full sommersaults during the ultrasound. I can feel it from the outside, though Jeremy has yet to feel it. It seems baby likes to play the "stop moving when Daddy shows up" game.

What I miss: My digestive system, the way it used to be....when I didn't leave work for lack-of-fiber complications...

Looking forward to: Jeremy feeling the baby move.

Best moment this week: Seeing the baby on the ultrasound! So great! And coming home to a great "Happy Ultrasound" present!! This was in the kitchen (sneaky husband!):
I felt very loved! Exactly the jogger I'd been pining for! Look out baby, momma's gonna take you for a ride! Jeremy is such a good gift giver...and I really like gifts, so that works out well for me. :)

Milestones: Obviously the ultrasound! Although I wasn't particularly anxious about anything, it was a relief, somehow, to know that everything is developing just fine. Baby is 14 ounces right now...what a porker! This is my favorite picture:
I didn't think we were going to have any of the funky 4D pictures (lovely insurance), but the ultrasound tech whipped out this $30,000 piece of equipment, rubbed it on my belly, and voila, you can see baby flexing for you! It's hard to tell who the little critter looks like at this point, although the baldness hints at a particular husband of mine...
and a regular ultrasound picture--I love how you can see every finger in that hand! Baby appears to be doing the "I've got your nose" trick...only the most annoying thing EVER...we'll need to stop that right away...that and the thumb-sucking! We got to catch little baby in the act!

In non-baby news: Still have yet to work a full week....for the past 4, I think! But I must say I'm glad that Frantic February is much as I hate to admit it, I do so much better when I'm on some sort of schedule! Went to the home and garden show yesterday, more for the garden part, really. I am soooo ready for spring and summer. We (well, mostly Jeremy) are getting peppers and tomatoes going in our "growing closet"--a closet rigged up with lights and heat lamps and a fan. I got some herbs potted up and I'm going to try and grow a miniature olive tree--bought the seed at the garden show last night. The planting bug has hit...woohoo!

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