Friday, April 20, 2007


How far along: 27 weeks, 4, 3 days until I'm seven months!
Weight Gained: 12 ish. More about that next week. I have an appt on Wednesday.

Cravings: Hasn't been a craving kind of a week. Though a good old PB&J has been my lunch of choice this week. Hasn't gotten old so far!

Clothing: Ugh. I'm kind of tired of maternity pants. I hate pulling up my drawers all the time. Yesterday I wore regular pants, they were just a bit snug under the old belly...

Sleeping: Um...let's not talk about this. (bad...very bad...)

Boy or girl: Boy! I think that may be my final word on the subject, and we'll see who is right, since Jeremy has said girl from the beginning. One of us had better be right. Umm...yeah...

Movement: I'm going to name the baby Chuck. As in Chuck Norris. As in crazy moves. Actually, the moves haven't been quite as jerky. There's more squirming and sliding around--one night, I called it the Baby Vortex, because the little one seemed to be making circles. I much prefer the sliding to the poking. And the hiccups. Always with the hiccups!! It's good to know that Baby is there and busy and healthy, though!

What I miss: Bending over to pick stuff up without having to get "set"...i.e. wide stance, squat, lean carefully, slowly rise back to standing...I'm not totally powerless yet, but it is different! Most of the kids are really nice and pick things up for me in class w/o me asking--maybe it's just more painful to watch me do it, so they are sparing

Best moment this week: Jeremy telling the baby to have a good day when I was leaving for work. Very sweet. He said he heard it say "ok".

Milestones: registering a "milestone"? It seems to materialistic to really be a milestone. We set up some online registry stuff. We haven't gone with the scanning gun yet, but I guess it started to make the time seem like it's a little closer, now that there is all that gear out there, pre-selected. The gear doesn't get me nearly excited as all those teensy little clothes...swoon...

In non-baby news: Well, it IS technically baby news, but not related to MY pregnancy--I'm an auntie now! Jeremy's sister had her baby on Wednesday night. Here's a pic of little Lainey:
Hopefully the cousins can be little buddies, since they are so close in age! Although she was very quiet and calm while we were there, and my baby seems like it might be anything but.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

why oh why?

So why do people drive w/ their yellow parking lights on? Why not just turn your lights all the way on? It's not like you're saving power--your car has an ALTERNATER, people! And when it's DARK out in the morning, it would help a little more than just the yellow lights!

Speaking of cars, I have worn off the words "Scan/Seek" from my car's radio. Ooops. I guess I am just a fickle radio listener. Three years of flipping stations because the radio stations around here stink will do that, I guess.

Ok, enough ranting. On the good list: my knitting plans. I've sort of neglected the wild and wooly lately. Sigh. And now I'm at work wishing I could play with yarn! This week, I'm going to finish up Daisy (mark my words!) in light blue, with a hood. Then get started on a pair of these, which may very well get pushed to the weekend. I can't decide which pattern is the cutest, but I think I'll start w/ the cable ribs, since I can make that in a some unisex color and they will be good for either Jeremyette or Heineywipe Jr. They seem like they'd stay on better than booties, and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about booties anyways. Knitted socks are cute even when they are big, so what could be better than teensy socks?!!?!? I don't know if anyone cares about any of this, but writing it out serves to make me feel more accountable, if only to my little corner of the blogosphere.

Now I leave you with a picture of our dorkiness. Because blogging is more fun w/ pictures. Forgive what appear to be roots on the side of my head??? I don't have those when I look in the mirror!!
OHHHHHHH DB just popped in and is getting bread and jam...I have the PB...ooooh better than the lunch I brought!!! excellent.........

Monday, April 16, 2007

We're getting there. 26 weeks.

How far along: 26 weeks, give or take some days.
Weight Gained: Don’t know…and right now, I'm not too concerned about it.
Cravings: Ribs! We had tasty ribs in Cincinnati, and then someone brought their leftovers to school for I ordered them at TX Roadhouse...not ::quite:: what I was looking for, but I think they took care of the craving.
Clothing: Still with the improvising. Today was not my most ingenious day. I was pulling my pants up all day long...however, i did find a pattern that I like for a summery skirt, so I need to get to work on that plan.
Sleeping: Better, though the dreams have been a bit...odd...unless an angry Amish mob chasing you towards a gallows is normal.
Boy or girl: Still firmly planted on team blue. Very feisty baby, and sitting pretty low, it seems to me. Though the old wives' tale changes depending on who you talk to (carrying high/low=girl/boy)
Movement: Still with the poking and jabbing. I thought I was going to pee my pants several times today!
What I miss: This might be gross, but there is still a partial margarita bucket in the garage freezer from last fall. I got a good whiff of limey-cuervo-y goodness just now, made me want summer and sipping at Big Turkey!
Best moment this week: Jeremy poking the baby and the baby poking back. Probably cooincidence, but you never know. It was fun, until Jeremy got a little too agressive and he pushed and the baby kicked my bladder at the exact same moment...that was precarious to say the least.
Milestones: Well, when the baby gets going (I think it is the little feets!) up high on my right side, you can see my belly MOVE which is really fun!
In non-baby news: Saw this in the parking lot of a bank last week. Signs of intelligent life in Indiana.

Then got home and saw this in the garage--yeah, Kel, cool tool bench. But note that little paper tacked up on the wall. This is Jeremy's space and that paper is his "husband checklist" that has all kinds of good and honorable things that he wants to keep up on to be a good hubby. Makes me sort of melty inside.

Tonight is Peanut Chicken night! Yum! I better get on that!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

25 week rundown

How far along: 25 weeks, give or take some days.

Weight Gained: Don’t know…a week and a half until the next weigh-in. I don’t feel super big, but that could be deceptive, I don’t know.

Cravings: Well, we went to a Turkish restaurant in Cincinnati, but the things I was wanting were not on the menu. So I’ve sort of been wanting some ezo gelin soup. So I found a recipe online and made some. I think I bought the wrong kind of pepper, because it was much spicier than any I ever ate over there. But it was good! Jeremy = not so much a fan.

Clothing: I improvise. Today it’s regular pants w/ the help of a belly band, and a maternity shirt to cover the waist…whatever works and feels comfy is what I sport..

Sleeping: Better, but not like the good old days. This morning I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. That might have had ::something:: to do with the cat on my head, not sure…

Boy or girl: I say boy. It’s an ornery little sucker.

Movement: Wooo...Baby is brushing up on karate, kung fu, tae kwando, and other martial arts specialties. My bladder is an evil opponent and must be vanquished, it would seem.

What I miss: Last night I made BBQ chicken pizza. Jeremy had beer and I was jealous. I might have had a sip.

Best moment this week: Jeremy saying he wanted to take better care of me. He promised to rub my feet every night from now on. Yessssss….

Milestones: Hmmmm…well I’ve had the stereotypical produce aisle encounter now. A nice woman wanted to hear all about my pregnancy. I felt sort of like I was in a commercial. Other than that, it’s been sort of a week where people have all of a sudden become very comfortable with saying things about my belly. I’ve been told I’m huge and it’s a good thing I have hips (thanks…) and I was told today that I looked tiny for six and half months. I guess it’s true what they say—for some reason, when you’re pregnant, all of a sudden it becomes totally acceptable for people to freely discuss your physique with you. Intriguing, really. This is what I see:

Hi, toes! That picture makes my belly look HUGE. And yes, the carpet in my classroom really is THAT ugly. And yes, I actually DO teach. Just not at 10:45. I have been pretty efficient this week and I have a lot of work done ahead of schedule, so I can play on the internet before lunch.

In non-baby news: Saw Neiva this week. That was awesome. Took her to my favorite Mexican place and the mariachi guy got the band going and decided that he would serenade our table and try to become Neiva’s F.W. Boyfriend. Good times.

The weather stinks. Where is SPRING? It’s the middle of April now! The word that keeps coming to mind is “UNACCEPTABLE”. This is the view out of my window at school yesterday…today is not quite as white, but equally wet and cold. I think I just might go cry now.