Thursday, April 12, 2007

25 week rundown

How far along: 25 weeks, give or take some days.

Weight Gained: Don’t know…a week and a half until the next weigh-in. I don’t feel super big, but that could be deceptive, I don’t know.

Cravings: Well, we went to a Turkish restaurant in Cincinnati, but the things I was wanting were not on the menu. So I’ve sort of been wanting some ezo gelin soup. So I found a recipe online and made some. I think I bought the wrong kind of pepper, because it was much spicier than any I ever ate over there. But it was good! Jeremy = not so much a fan.

Clothing: I improvise. Today it’s regular pants w/ the help of a belly band, and a maternity shirt to cover the waist…whatever works and feels comfy is what I sport..

Sleeping: Better, but not like the good old days. This morning I woke up at 4:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. That might have had ::something:: to do with the cat on my head, not sure…

Boy or girl: I say boy. It’s an ornery little sucker.

Movement: Wooo...Baby is brushing up on karate, kung fu, tae kwando, and other martial arts specialties. My bladder is an evil opponent and must be vanquished, it would seem.

What I miss: Last night I made BBQ chicken pizza. Jeremy had beer and I was jealous. I might have had a sip.

Best moment this week: Jeremy saying he wanted to take better care of me. He promised to rub my feet every night from now on. Yessssss….

Milestones: Hmmmm…well I’ve had the stereotypical produce aisle encounter now. A nice woman wanted to hear all about my pregnancy. I felt sort of like I was in a commercial. Other than that, it’s been sort of a week where people have all of a sudden become very comfortable with saying things about my belly. I’ve been told I’m huge and it’s a good thing I have hips (thanks…) and I was told today that I looked tiny for six and half months. I guess it’s true what they say—for some reason, when you’re pregnant, all of a sudden it becomes totally acceptable for people to freely discuss your physique with you. Intriguing, really. This is what I see:

Hi, toes! That picture makes my belly look HUGE. And yes, the carpet in my classroom really is THAT ugly. And yes, I actually DO teach. Just not at 10:45. I have been pretty efficient this week and I have a lot of work done ahead of schedule, so I can play on the internet before lunch.

In non-baby news: Saw Neiva this week. That was awesome. Took her to my favorite Mexican place and the mariachi guy got the band going and decided that he would serenade our table and try to become Neiva’s F.W. Boyfriend. Good times.

The weather stinks. Where is SPRING? It’s the middle of April now! The word that keeps coming to mind is “UNACCEPTABLE”. This is the view out of my window at school yesterday…today is not quite as white, but equally wet and cold. I think I just might go cry now.

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