Friday, April 20, 2007


How far along: 27 weeks, 4, 3 days until I'm seven months!
Weight Gained: 12 ish. More about that next week. I have an appt on Wednesday.

Cravings: Hasn't been a craving kind of a week. Though a good old PB&J has been my lunch of choice this week. Hasn't gotten old so far!

Clothing: Ugh. I'm kind of tired of maternity pants. I hate pulling up my drawers all the time. Yesterday I wore regular pants, they were just a bit snug under the old belly...

Sleeping: Um...let's not talk about this. (bad...very bad...)

Boy or girl: Boy! I think that may be my final word on the subject, and we'll see who is right, since Jeremy has said girl from the beginning. One of us had better be right. Umm...yeah...

Movement: I'm going to name the baby Chuck. As in Chuck Norris. As in crazy moves. Actually, the moves haven't been quite as jerky. There's more squirming and sliding around--one night, I called it the Baby Vortex, because the little one seemed to be making circles. I much prefer the sliding to the poking. And the hiccups. Always with the hiccups!! It's good to know that Baby is there and busy and healthy, though!

What I miss: Bending over to pick stuff up without having to get "set"...i.e. wide stance, squat, lean carefully, slowly rise back to standing...I'm not totally powerless yet, but it is different! Most of the kids are really nice and pick things up for me in class w/o me asking--maybe it's just more painful to watch me do it, so they are sparing

Best moment this week: Jeremy telling the baby to have a good day when I was leaving for work. Very sweet. He said he heard it say "ok".

Milestones: registering a "milestone"? It seems to materialistic to really be a milestone. We set up some online registry stuff. We haven't gone with the scanning gun yet, but I guess it started to make the time seem like it's a little closer, now that there is all that gear out there, pre-selected. The gear doesn't get me nearly excited as all those teensy little clothes...swoon...

In non-baby news: Well, it IS technically baby news, but not related to MY pregnancy--I'm an auntie now! Jeremy's sister had her baby on Wednesday night. Here's a pic of little Lainey:
Hopefully the cousins can be little buddies, since they are so close in age! Although she was very quiet and calm while we were there, and my baby seems like it might be anything but.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the niece... it is fun to be an aunt! You'll have to be the first mom though! So excited for 7 months and to see you soon. love, mer xoxoxox