Monday, April 16, 2007

We're getting there. 26 weeks.

How far along: 26 weeks, give or take some days.
Weight Gained: Don’t know…and right now, I'm not too concerned about it.
Cravings: Ribs! We had tasty ribs in Cincinnati, and then someone brought their leftovers to school for I ordered them at TX Roadhouse...not ::quite:: what I was looking for, but I think they took care of the craving.
Clothing: Still with the improvising. Today was not my most ingenious day. I was pulling my pants up all day long...however, i did find a pattern that I like for a summery skirt, so I need to get to work on that plan.
Sleeping: Better, though the dreams have been a bit...odd...unless an angry Amish mob chasing you towards a gallows is normal.
Boy or girl: Still firmly planted on team blue. Very feisty baby, and sitting pretty low, it seems to me. Though the old wives' tale changes depending on who you talk to (carrying high/low=girl/boy)
Movement: Still with the poking and jabbing. I thought I was going to pee my pants several times today!
What I miss: This might be gross, but there is still a partial margarita bucket in the garage freezer from last fall. I got a good whiff of limey-cuervo-y goodness just now, made me want summer and sipping at Big Turkey!
Best moment this week: Jeremy poking the baby and the baby poking back. Probably cooincidence, but you never know. It was fun, until Jeremy got a little too agressive and he pushed and the baby kicked my bladder at the exact same moment...that was precarious to say the least.
Milestones: Well, when the baby gets going (I think it is the little feets!) up high on my right side, you can see my belly MOVE which is really fun!
In non-baby news: Saw this in the parking lot of a bank last week. Signs of intelligent life in Indiana.

Then got home and saw this in the garage--yeah, Kel, cool tool bench. But note that little paper tacked up on the wall. This is Jeremy's space and that paper is his "husband checklist" that has all kinds of good and honorable things that he wants to keep up on to be a good hubby. Makes me sort of melty inside.

Tonight is Peanut Chicken night! Yum! I better get on that!

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