Tuesday, April 17, 2007

why oh why?

So why do people drive w/ their yellow parking lights on? Why not just turn your lights all the way on? It's not like you're saving power--your car has an ALTERNATER, people! And when it's DARK out in the morning, it would help a little more than just the yellow lights!

Speaking of cars, I have worn off the words "Scan/Seek" from my car's radio. Ooops. I guess I am just a fickle radio listener. Three years of flipping stations because the radio stations around here stink will do that, I guess.

Ok, enough ranting. On the good list: my knitting plans. I've sort of neglected the wild and wooly lately. Sigh. And now I'm at work wishing I could play with yarn! This week, I'm going to finish up Daisy (mark my words!) in light blue, with a hood. Then get started on a pair of these, which may very well get pushed to the weekend. I can't decide which pattern is the cutest, but I think I'll start w/ the cable ribs, since I can make that in a some unisex color and they will be good for either Jeremyette or Heineywipe Jr. They seem like they'd stay on better than booties, and I'm not exactly sure how I feel about booties anyways. Knitted socks are cute even when they are big, so what could be better than teensy socks?!!?!? I don't know if anyone cares about any of this, but writing it out serves to make me feel more accountable, if only to my little corner of the blogosphere.

Now I leave you with a picture of our dorkiness. Because blogging is more fun w/ pictures. Forgive what appear to be roots on the side of my head??? I don't have those when I look in the mirror!!
OHHHHHHH DB just popped in and is getting bread and jam...I have the PB...ooooh better than the lunch I brought!!! excellent.........

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