Wednesday, May 23, 2007


How far along: 32 weeks, 2 days. The picture is from Saturday, at my baby shower with my awesome sis-in-law!!

Weight Gained: I'll know tomorrow. I'm guessing about 18. We'll see.

Cravings: Iced Tea.

Clothing: Finding lots of cute long shirts in the Juniors section at Kohl's. I just buy a large or an extra large and do better than dumb maternity shirts that ride up over this belly!

Sleeping: Things are pretty good there, as long as I can make my pillow fort. I usually wake up somewhere around 1:30 or 2 and again about 4:30 or 5. Not to pee, just to wake up because my body finds that amusing, apparently.

Boy or girl: Still staying with my BOY prediction.

Movement: Always! Though it's more of a slimy sliding feeling--baby is BIG! and the pokes HURT because baby is getting strong! I sometimes feel like my ab muscles around the right side are going to split apart...ehhhh!!!

What I miss: My ankle bones, especially when I wear sandals.

Best moment this week: I've been told several times this week that you can't even tell I'm pregnant from behind, that I'm just carrying a basketball around in my belly. I've heard that you should just assume people are lying when they tell you that, but it certainly makes me feel good, since I feel pretty jumbo these days!!

Milestones: THe H-fam shower was great on Saturday. It was really fun to celebrate the baby with Jeremy's family and some friends. Sarah came from TN, which was AWESOME (and a total surprise!!) And Anna, Maryanne, and Angie totally floored me with all the trouble they went to. Totally humbled me!

In Non-Baby News: Jeremy's bday coming up. The man wants a shower mirror. I guess he'll get one, but that's so BORING! I have some other ideas, so I need to get cracking on that! Anyone, anyone? It will be hard to top the Dwight Shrute bobblehead doll I bought him for Valentine's romantic and meaningful...

Monday, May 21, 2007


Two Names I Go by: Other than Kelly? Shrew and Mrs. H.
Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: Blue capris, white shirt.
Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: Laughter and shared goals.
Two of My Favorite Things to do: Knit, camp. How about at the same time.
Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: iced latte and a massage.
Two pets I have: PoPo Kitty. That's it.
Two things I did last night: Went to see the new church building and shopped for annuals for the back porch.
Two things I ate today: Chicken salad sandwich, yogurt.
Two people I just talked to last: A student and another student.
Two Things I’m doing tomorrow: Going to school (duh) and to the athletic appreciation dinner.
Two longest car rides: The ride home from the Mini Marathon last year. And I suppose Summer Roadtrip 2006 would count. Nearly 9000 miles.
Two Favorite Holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving. I like fall.
Two favorite beverages: Coffee and margaritas. Not together.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

31 down, 9 to go...

I went to a high school art show last night, since two of my small group girls were there with their work. Fun fun--they loooove Cletus! and aren't they just super cute?

How far along: 31 weeks, 3 days

Weight Gained: 16 pounds, give or take.

Cravings: Diet Coke, I guess.

Clothing: Wearing the same stuff over and over, but it's alright. The end of school is in sight and I can wear shorts and tank tops with my gut hanging out in my backyard and no one will care.

Sleeping: It's hit or miss. I had my first real uncomfortable night last night and had to prop myself up on a ridiculous pillow fort. With a bellow that sticks out in the middle, it will pull to the side when I lay down, and I don't like how that I build Fort Knox in my bed.

Boy or girl: Still staying with my BOY prediction.

Movement: Oh yes. I think the baby is building a small city in there.

What I miss: My ankle bones at the end of the day! Hello puffy!

Best moment this week: One great moment was this morning, when baby figured out that I do, in fact, have a left side of my abdomen to jab against. Giving my right side a rest today. That's nice. Thank you, baby. Another GREAT moment was conquering an unexpected (and challenging) hike on the dunes of Lake Michigan on Saturday! Janice and I thought it was just a little hike over a hill...we had PURSES. She was wearing FLIP-FLOPS. But it was worth the huffing and puffing to hang on the beach and feel like a stud while 7 months along! Another fun thing that happened is I think that my baby belly got me out of a speeding ticket. I was struggling to lean over my gut to get the registration out of the glove compartment and the state trooper was like "If it's too difficult to get it out of there, I'll just take your license and write up a warning for you." Hahahaha Cletus: 1, Police: 0.

Milestones: Two more calendar months to go!

In Non-Baby News: The Tulip Festival was awesome, had fun adventures with Janice in (and out) (and back in again) Michigan.

Just a few of the billions of tulips:
Janice and I with some tulips:Our fun little beach that we found:I don't know what these are, but I do know that I did NOT eat them....fatballs, anyone??


it would seem that having a pregnant belly means that you want to hear every kid's story about how their cat is going to have kittens or their dog is pregnant or their rat burrowed a hole into the boxsprings to have ratpups and got blood on the boxspring.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

30 week rundown, with PICTURES!

Today we were able to have a second ultrasound, which we didn't think was going to happen, so it was a treat to get to see the little critter again! Everything is right on track, it was a false hugeness alert! It is measuring right in the middle for a fetus at 30 weeks. I know it's not always accurate, but according to the measurements she took, the tech said the baby weighs in at a little over 3 pounds. Woohoo! Not a cow, not a horse, but a regular sized baby!!!

Baby waving hi to us--good to see that there are the right number of fingers.

The guilty little feet that have been assaulting my bladder on an hourly basis.

Look at this little baby face! looks kind of ghosty here, but still fun for us to see!

This picture took forever to get! Baby had his/her hands up by its face and wouldn't budge! You would think that the little guy would move if you just wait a little bit, seeing as it's so busy normally, but apparently little buddy is camera shy...but this picture turned out pretty good! I think it looks like Jeremy. And I want to kiss those little cheekies!!!
And now for the regular update........................
How far along: 30 weeks, 3 days

Weight Gained: 16 pounds--it was good to hear today at my appointment that I'm doing well with my weight gain! I don't like the number, since I've never weighed this much before, but it's all for Team H!

Cravings: Drinks from Sonic. Definitely enjoying the Lemonberry slush these days...ahhhh...and although neither option is romantic, Date Night tomorrow may just involve Jimmy John's or Fricker's...can't decide which one I want more!!

Clothing: Well, it's warm these days, so I'm improvising quite a bit. Some maternity capris and some longer non-maternity t-shirts seem to work out pretty well. Although right now I'm wearing a regular tanktop and letting my gut hang loose! School is a challenge with my no-AC south-facing classroom built of brick circa 1905 or something...sweating...the word does not come close to what I do all day...

Sleeping: Not too bad, just waking up w/ some cramps in my calves. Boo.

Boy or girl: Boy! Pretty convinced! Today, the nurse even asked if it was a got all kung fu on the heart rate jobbie again! I love my sassy little one!

Movement: There is never NOT movement. Well, no, that's a lie. There are some quiet times, mostly when I'm busy. When I sit down at night, baby goes all Chuck Norris in my belly.
What I miss: Some of my cute little tank tops and shorts.

Best moment this week: Well, I'd have to say seeing the baby's face on the ultrasound today. So cool. Another good moment was when Jeremy brought me a drink from Sonic on Tuesday night. I had a TERRIBLE day, that day. He's so good to me. I know it's just a little thing, but it was definitely appreciated!! Gifts are my love language and a 44 oz drink counts as a gift in my book!

Milestones: Hit the 30 week mark! Out of the 20s!!! Sounds like progress to me!
In Non-Baby News: Going to Tulip Days in Holland, MI on Saturday with Janice. Oh how I love tulips and girl time!

Monday, May 07, 2007

29 weeks, almost 30. and some other stuff at the bottom of the post.

Nothing like having it all stick out straight in front!

I make this look goooood...How far along: 29 weeks, some days.

Weight Gained: 14ish?

Cravings: Mac and cheese!

Clothing: Wearing some regular clothes this week. Maternity shirts just aren't long enough! I wear ribbed tanks under everything so that I stay covered.

Sleeping: Not too bad, though last night I did have a bad dream and woke myself up by crying.

Boy or girl: Still staying boy.

Movement: On and off, though what it's on, it's really on! My belly will move like a Baby Tsunami! Sometimes it looks like there are aliens in there! I'm knitting some little socks for the little feet that keep kicking me:

What I miss: Being able to ride a bike with non-awkward posture!! I'm sure I look absolutely ridiculous. Oh well!

Best moment this week: I don't know that there was just one, but there have been some sweet little moments with Jeremy and the things he says to my belly. And he kisses it goodbye or goodnight, which is wayyyyy sweet. I also got all teary when a fellow teacher was rhapsodizing about how beautiful and wonderful pregnancy is and how he was so proud of his wife and then he told me I was beautiful and I nearly dissolved...sigh...

Milestones: LOTS of people have now been able to feel the baby move. Doreene at work, Havilah, Janice, and one of the Bible Study girls last night. Fun! I know it bothers some people when their belly gets fondled, but it really and truly doesn't bother me. I like it!

In Non-Baby news: I wrestled the copier today and I won. She's my b****. See the proof:

And for fun, here's a pic of our front walk with all the pretty tulips and such:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

like I said, test day...(and 2 posts--oh my!)

Question: Coyotes are living near a populated area, and residents are afraid their dogs and cats will be attacked. These residents want to kill the coyotes. Do you think this is a good idea? Why or why not? Write about two possible effects.

Student answer #1: No, because coyotes are really cute and they are really great to have and to look at!

Student answer #2: No. Because there would be too many dying coyotes. They could go extinct. There could be a riot!

Excellent, my students, excellent...

test today.

Mrs. H: any questions about the test?
Student: Mrs. H, why is choice “e” blank?
Mrs. H: because I left it blank and didn’t white it out before I ran copies.
Student: that’s lazy!
Mrs. H: I’m fat and I don’t care what you say.