Monday, May 07, 2007

29 weeks, almost 30. and some other stuff at the bottom of the post.

Nothing like having it all stick out straight in front!

I make this look goooood...How far along: 29 weeks, some days.

Weight Gained: 14ish?

Cravings: Mac and cheese!

Clothing: Wearing some regular clothes this week. Maternity shirts just aren't long enough! I wear ribbed tanks under everything so that I stay covered.

Sleeping: Not too bad, though last night I did have a bad dream and woke myself up by crying.

Boy or girl: Still staying boy.

Movement: On and off, though what it's on, it's really on! My belly will move like a Baby Tsunami! Sometimes it looks like there are aliens in there! I'm knitting some little socks for the little feet that keep kicking me:

What I miss: Being able to ride a bike with non-awkward posture!! I'm sure I look absolutely ridiculous. Oh well!

Best moment this week: I don't know that there was just one, but there have been some sweet little moments with Jeremy and the things he says to my belly. And he kisses it goodbye or goodnight, which is wayyyyy sweet. I also got all teary when a fellow teacher was rhapsodizing about how beautiful and wonderful pregnancy is and how he was so proud of his wife and then he told me I was beautiful and I nearly dissolved...sigh...

Milestones: LOTS of people have now been able to feel the baby move. Doreene at work, Havilah, Janice, and one of the Bible Study girls last night. Fun! I know it bothers some people when their belly gets fondled, but it really and truly doesn't bother me. I like it!

In Non-Baby news: I wrestled the copier today and I won. She's my b****. See the proof:

And for fun, here's a pic of our front walk with all the pretty tulips and such:

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