Thursday, May 10, 2007

30 week rundown, with PICTURES!

Today we were able to have a second ultrasound, which we didn't think was going to happen, so it was a treat to get to see the little critter again! Everything is right on track, it was a false hugeness alert! It is measuring right in the middle for a fetus at 30 weeks. I know it's not always accurate, but according to the measurements she took, the tech said the baby weighs in at a little over 3 pounds. Woohoo! Not a cow, not a horse, but a regular sized baby!!!

Baby waving hi to us--good to see that there are the right number of fingers.

The guilty little feet that have been assaulting my bladder on an hourly basis.

Look at this little baby face! looks kind of ghosty here, but still fun for us to see!

This picture took forever to get! Baby had his/her hands up by its face and wouldn't budge! You would think that the little guy would move if you just wait a little bit, seeing as it's so busy normally, but apparently little buddy is camera shy...but this picture turned out pretty good! I think it looks like Jeremy. And I want to kiss those little cheekies!!!
And now for the regular update........................
How far along: 30 weeks, 3 days

Weight Gained: 16 pounds--it was good to hear today at my appointment that I'm doing well with my weight gain! I don't like the number, since I've never weighed this much before, but it's all for Team H!

Cravings: Drinks from Sonic. Definitely enjoying the Lemonberry slush these days...ahhhh...and although neither option is romantic, Date Night tomorrow may just involve Jimmy John's or Fricker's...can't decide which one I want more!!

Clothing: Well, it's warm these days, so I'm improvising quite a bit. Some maternity capris and some longer non-maternity t-shirts seem to work out pretty well. Although right now I'm wearing a regular tanktop and letting my gut hang loose! School is a challenge with my no-AC south-facing classroom built of brick circa 1905 or something...sweating...the word does not come close to what I do all day...

Sleeping: Not too bad, just waking up w/ some cramps in my calves. Boo.

Boy or girl: Boy! Pretty convinced! Today, the nurse even asked if it was a got all kung fu on the heart rate jobbie again! I love my sassy little one!

Movement: There is never NOT movement. Well, no, that's a lie. There are some quiet times, mostly when I'm busy. When I sit down at night, baby goes all Chuck Norris in my belly.
What I miss: Some of my cute little tank tops and shorts.

Best moment this week: Well, I'd have to say seeing the baby's face on the ultrasound today. So cool. Another good moment was when Jeremy brought me a drink from Sonic on Tuesday night. I had a TERRIBLE day, that day. He's so good to me. I know it's just a little thing, but it was definitely appreciated!! Gifts are my love language and a 44 oz drink counts as a gift in my book!

Milestones: Hit the 30 week mark! Out of the 20s!!! Sounds like progress to me!
In Non-Baby News: Going to Tulip Days in Holland, MI on Saturday with Janice. Oh how I love tulips and girl time!

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