Tuesday, June 05, 2007

33, ya dig?

How far along: Well, further than 33 weeks now, but this is the officially 33 week update, you dig?

Weight Gained: Sigh...20 pounds on the old gut.

Cravings: Deli meat.

Clothing: Finding joy in ribbed tank tops from the juniors dept. They make them nice and long for me!

Sleeping: Oh lordy lordy...poor Jeremy! I grunt and hem and haw while I ::attempt:: to get comfortable in the bed at night. And a couple of nights ago, I awoke with cramps in BOTH calf muscles...it hurt SOOOO bad! I woke up going buckwild and CRACKED Jeremy with my heel, right in his shin bone. Poor abused husband.

Boy or girl: Still staying with my BOY prediction.

Movement: Constantly! My belly ripples all the time! Baby hiccups a lot, too. But I just read that hiccups are a sign of a healthy and well developed nervous system. Who knew?

What I miss: Wearing sandals. Because when I do, my feet look like swollen corpse feet.

Best moment this week: Hmmm...TWO surprise showers were really good moments. I love being celebrated and having people celebrate my baby!!! Small group with the CHS girls and the KMS staff both threw surprise showers...I had NO idea about the small group one, but I was picking up the scent of the KMS shower...I'm just too tricky for them. Or I spend way too much time with them and just know what is going on.

Milestones: Hmmm...I guess I just feel like I've gotten to the point where my physique allows anyone to say anything they feel like saying...which isn't bad all the time. Quite humorous, actually. No one has said anything really rude, so I'm still ok with it.

In Non-Baby News: Had a house full of fun friends for the weekend (well, most of it) because there was the Aaroneous Jones wedding festivus. Good times, love my friends and JP Bingo and Crotch Monkey. Ask if you must.

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