Wednesday, June 13, 2007

34 or so.

Big belly and a big bass!!

How far along: Further than 34 weeks now, but I think I have firmly established that I always do this weekly journal after the fact.

Weight Gained: I actually lost 2 pounds, so 18 total.

Cravings: Ice cream and regular Coke. Not together.

Clothing: I give up. I don't care if my gut hangs out. You people can deal.

Sleeping: Ummm...I'm not. But it's not for lack of trying! Actually, I'm so excited most of the time, that I can't get any shuteye. Naps (now that school is out) in the late afternoon have been saving me.

Boy or girl: Still staying boy.

Movement: Yup. Getting some really sharp painful jabs. The baby is training to be a cage fighter.

What I miss: Beer. It's HOT out, so I miss a good coldie.

Best moment this week: Two showers--one and Jeremy's school and one at my mom's. They were both sooooo nice and everyone was so generous and excited about this little one!

Milestones: I'm officially a stay-at-home wife and mom! As of last Wednesday when I got back from work...weird. Still just feels like summer break. It hasn't really clicked that there will be someone else in my classroom in August...sigh. Bittersweet, in a word.

Non-Baby News: I've become a big fan of facebook. I think I need an Internet curfew. Or a magical program that shuts me off after 30 minutes a day or something.

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