Monday, June 18, 2007

35 weeks. Amazing!

How far along: 35 weeks! Above you can see my gut as I drive, thanks to the amazing Jamie and her mad photog skills.
Weight Gained: 18-20. I'll know for sure on Thursday, when I start my weekly visits to the OB.
Cravings: Watermelon. Yummmm!
Clothing: Whatever does the job. Usually a tank top and some shorts. It's HOT out, people!
Sleeping: Sleep? What's that? Actually, I fall asleep alright, then wake up really early and toss and turn until I wake Jeremy up. Though this morning, it worked to get up, check the weather and facebook, then go sleep in the guest room. Change of locale did me wonders!
Boy or girl: I still think it's a boy!
Movement: Big big moves. At any given time, there is some strange lump of baby clearly visible from the outside. If you wait long enough, the lump migrates. Kind of fun, kind of hurty.
What I miss: Running. Really blowing off steam that way would be welcome! I get the hormonal crazies and I just wish I could go run or ride my bike, but neither of those things is very wise right now, not to mention highly uncomfortable!!!
Best moment this week: The shower on Saturday. The girlies were soooo amazing and I felt really special, and I know the baby did, too! Plus it was awesome to have Jamie here for a day and a half! I love me some Jamie P.
Milestones: Finished the closeet in the baby's room, and I really feel like we're starting to get somewhere with getting some gear organized and ready. Jeremy's almost done with the changing table, so I can't wait to see things come together very soon!
Non-Baby News: It's sad that I'm struggling with coming up with some non-baby stuff. That certainly needs some attention. I guess it's sort of news that rhubarb is coming in from the garden. I'm proud to say that my grama's recipe for rhubarb cake turned my husband into a rhubarb fan...niiiiice!

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