Monday, July 23, 2007

40 weeks and an eviction notice.

How far along: 40 weeks AND TWO DAYS.

Weight Gained: 25 pounds. ugh.

Cravings: Nothing to note. Enjoying fruit, I guess.

Clothing: A swimsuit.

Sleeping: Pretty decent, I guess. Considering I sleep in a CHAIR. Jeremy was oh so kind and moved the chair and ottoman into our bedroom in the middle of the night during a furious thunderstorm! I've slept there, slept in a recliner at the lake cottage, and tried the bed last night. The bed was actually ok again last night.

Boy or girl: I say boy...will we EVER find out????

Movement: Still quite a bit, which is good, because that means baby is still healthy. But I've also heard that babies slow down as the time approaches...which is not so encouraging for my present discomfort!! :)

What I miss: Having conversations that don't begin with "Still no baby yet?"

Best moment this week: Having good times with the hubs, making plans for how to keep "us" in front of baby. So we have something to give the poor child!

Milestones: The passage of the due date. Sigh. And another day after that, too. And the passage of some interesting things from my body...TMI?

Non-Baby News: Had a pretty nice weekend at the lake! Oh how we love the lake!

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