Friday, July 20, 2007

maybe it means I'm finally nesting?

So on Wednesday, with three days to go until the official due date for this bundle of joy, I did what any woman in her right mind would do. I started a quilt for the baby. Partially because it was something I wanted to do, partially because it was something that would fill my time instead of just shuffling around waiting for labor to start, and partially because I have this weird feeling that the more projects I have started (and not finished) around the time the baby comes, the more likely it will be that I have the baby before finishing any of them. It's my own version of reverse psychology. To get the baby to show up and party down with us.

Well, I finished the quilt.

And still no baby.

But I guess that's ok. Because as much as the baby won't need a quilt right away, much less in JULY, it's nice to have it all done and looking pretty in the nursery. And I won't have to try to finish it up in between feeding and at really odd hours once the baby interrupts my regularly scheduled life.

Ok. Enough tell, now show:Oh dangitall...I didn't turn it right side up. Too bad for you, faithful readers. All two of you. I'm not fixing it. Turn your head 90 degrees to the right and enjoy the view.

Here it is behaving nicely on the crib:

That's all for now. Maybe I'll go rebuild an engine now. Or re-upholster the couches. Or start my own home-based business placing small classified ads. Haha. More like I'm going to go take a nap.

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