Tuesday, July 03, 2007

thirty to the seven


How far along: 37 weeks. Getting a bit rotund, if I do say so myself.
Weight Gained: 22. Based on my own scale AFTER my appointment on Thursday. Haha--went #2 at the doctor's office and they wouldn't weight me again after that! Heehee...
Cravings: Watermelon is the official food of this pregnancy. I've also been hitting Sonic a lot for vanilla diet Cokes. and strawberry limeades. and green apple slushes. and...
Clothing: Whatever is comfy! I did buy a non-maternity pair of jeans on Saturday--they're low low rise, stretchy, and a size larger than normal. I bought them for after the baby comes, but I can squeeze into them now, thanks to the magic of spandex. Or whatever it is that makes them stretchy.
Sleeping: Really not the bad! I do wake up early, and can't get back to sleep for the life of me, but the sleep that I get is moderately comfortable and restful!
Boy or girl: I still think it's a boy, though as the day draws nearer and nearer, I'm becoming a little more open-minded.
Movement: Big moves, ouch! Very visible big moves--fun to watch the belly tsunami!
What I miss: My energy.
Best moment this week: Jeremy and I have had some really good moments between the two of us this week. I'll spare you the schmoopy-ness of it all, but it's been really fun to have such a supportive husband. We also have a finished changing table, thanks to the amazing carpentry stylings of said husband. Have a looky-see:
Milestones: Um...my cervix has started to dialate ever so slightly. Good to know my body is doing something!
Non-Baby News: Still enjoying the lake very much this summer. When we're not rescuing crackheads. That is an entire post all to itself. When I get the change. Anyhoo--the lake. We were there on Sunday, as well as all of last weekend, when there was this really nice sunset:

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*jamie said...

Kel, I heart you and your blog! i'm here at work reading it all today, getting a little misty. The changing table worked out wonderfully. Strong work, Mr H! I also enjoyed the story about getting out of the ticket b/c of the baby hump. Sigh... I only wish I could have watched all this happen, but your storytelling skills will be more than sufficient.

lala, *jamie