Wednesday, August 08, 2007

have we really been home a week??

it doesn't seem like it, but i guess when you consider all the adventures(?) we've had over the past few days, it starts to seem like a week has passed!

this is the face he makes most of the time. i tell him to stop, or he'll get wrinkles, but he's not doing so good in the minding his mother department yet. he looks alternately puzzled or angry or deep in thought...

the baby bjorn is awesome, but maybe not the best for eating spaghetti!
these are the souvenirs from my trip to the fire station: an ice pack, a chocolate basketball (for being such a good SPORT!) and my wedding ring--in pieces. bent pieces. i got all high and mighty sunday morning. we were planning on going to church. took a shower, put on cute clothes, put on makeup...felt i looked pretty good for having a baby only 8 days i put on the wedding rings...bad idea. finger swelled up like you would not believe. purple...bad...we were able to get the engagement ring off with windex and dental floss (i kid you not, my husband is McGyver) but the wedding ring was tougher and i started to panic when i saw how PURPLE my finger was getting. went to the fire station, got it cut off. sigh. that's what i get for PRIDE. we never made it to church...and it's a shame because the baby was sooooo good--he would have been great had we gone. sigh. maybe next sunday. sans rings.
and this is just a good "poop on my shirt" picture because poop spilling out of a diaper onto the floor is funny no matter how you look at it. thanks, aunt jamie, for the picture!
ahhhh...domestic bliss.

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