Thursday, September 27, 2007

stick a needle in your leg...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

today is sam's 2-month birthday. and we celebrate big around here. i took all his clothes off and had him stabbed three times with a needle. i don't know what all he's vaccinated against, but i do know that he has a band-aid on each leg and is realllly tired.

i thought i'd make it through, no sweat. tough love, kid. buuuut...the tears welled up when i heard his SCREAM, saw the nurse shake him to get him to breathe again...and watched him cry and cry and cry...i needed a drink. being that it was only 11:30 and i didn't think a cocktail was appropriate, i drove us to starbucks and partook of a tasty pumpkin spice latte...mmmm fall!!!

i love fall...not as much as i love summer, because it means dreary winter will be coming next...but i do love the START of fall, with cool-ish days and the leaves and the way the light is a little different. and because there is a montrosity of a tent in my backyard:

crappy picture. but i just took it through the window from my little office chair. it's our new tent that will comfortably sleep two adults on a queen size air matress and a baby in a pack-and-play. it's huge. you're actually really only seeing HALF of it in the picture. i think our days of seriously roughing it are gone for a little while. i'll miss being able to pack and leave in a matter of minutes. but for a few years, will change gears a little bit. and it's ok. woohoo for brown county in a little over a week!! i'm really glad we decided not to call off our trip (fourth year in a row!) just because there's a little one...i want to have fun family traditions! hiking and seeing all the leaves, walking through nashville, getting pumpkin sundaes....MMMMM....i think i'm most excited about those pumpkin sundaes!

he's not mad about it either:

took that picture at kevin and amanda's during the colts game last weekend. kevin got a huge grin out of sammy! love it!

ohhhh and fall means johnny appleseed, so i bought a ton of apples at the farmer's market and made a PIE! and it is GOOD! it tastes like someone else made it!!! as hava says, i'm's proof:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


i'm going nuts.
i'm get stupider.
i kid you not.

i just found myself in the bathroom,
all geared up to take a shower (ahhh...sleeping baby = clean kelly)
with a LOAF OF BREAD in my hand.
no i didn't wash it.

i would say i need sleep, but i don't!
last night was awesome!
baby slept 10-4, and i went to bed before that, thanks to a great mother in law who likes to kidnap my baby and a husband who didn't mind feeding and putting the little muppet to bed.

off to make a sandwich.

Monday, September 10, 2007

productive day???!!!!! (sort of)

amazing...I feel like I actually got something DONE today. probably for the first time since entering the land of mommy. today I was able to:
  • get Sam to the doctor
  • pick up a prescription (the ladies at the Target pharmacy are wonderful--they were trying to close for lunch and I show up with a screaming baby and they filled his Rx before leaving...bless you, kind women with bad eye makeup!)
  • pick up pictures at Walgreens (have not yet cut up and corner-rounded the wallets yet, but you can't ask for too much...)
  • FINALLY ordered some dang birth announcements! It will be OLD NEWS when they get into the recipients' hands, but at least I tried! They were actually ready in an hour, but it's pushing it to plan anything too far ahead, so I'll pick them up whenever "Happy Sam Time" strikes tomorrow! Phew!
  • there is even chicken thawing for a REAL dinner!

Now, before I sound too impressive, I must point out that mommyness has made me stupid. Today I got all hooked up to the breast pump and I was troubled by milk running onto my lap. I HAD FORGOTTEN TO PUT ONE OF THE BOTTLES yes, I am stupid now. Sorry kid, your mom is dumb now.

But it appears that a dumb mom makes for a really cute kid, if I do say so myself!! On daddy's lap at the computer--look at those TOES!!! smmooooooch!!!