Monday, September 10, 2007

productive day???!!!!! (sort of)

amazing...I feel like I actually got something DONE today. probably for the first time since entering the land of mommy. today I was able to:
  • get Sam to the doctor
  • pick up a prescription (the ladies at the Target pharmacy are wonderful--they were trying to close for lunch and I show up with a screaming baby and they filled his Rx before leaving...bless you, kind women with bad eye makeup!)
  • pick up pictures at Walgreens (have not yet cut up and corner-rounded the wallets yet, but you can't ask for too much...)
  • FINALLY ordered some dang birth announcements! It will be OLD NEWS when they get into the recipients' hands, but at least I tried! They were actually ready in an hour, but it's pushing it to plan anything too far ahead, so I'll pick them up whenever "Happy Sam Time" strikes tomorrow! Phew!
  • there is even chicken thawing for a REAL dinner!

Now, before I sound too impressive, I must point out that mommyness has made me stupid. Today I got all hooked up to the breast pump and I was troubled by milk running onto my lap. I HAD FORGOTTEN TO PUT ONE OF THE BOTTLES yes, I am stupid now. Sorry kid, your mom is dumb now.

But it appears that a dumb mom makes for a really cute kid, if I do say so myself!! On daddy's lap at the computer--look at those TOES!!! smmooooooch!!!

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