Wednesday, October 03, 2007

am i hearing what i think i'm hearing?

last night, sam was fussing a little bit. the kind where he's fighting going to sleep and just needs to suck it up and conk out for the night. he's like his mom that way.
the fussing sort of went like this: wah. wah. wah. wah. no screaming, just a half-hearted little deal. i laughed at him because i'm that kind of mother. at least so far. and his little sound, still going w/ the same rhythm, changed into a little laugh! i thought i was making it up, but he smiled and kept doing it, and i kept laughing at him. praise God, our kid has a sense of humor already! this is good, very good. and yes he wound up falling asleep, but only after more grub. kid is a pigggglet.

here he is in overalls--who doesn't love a baby in overalls??? well, the baby didn't care what we thought, because he peed all over said overalls. oh well, at least i got a picture.
SOOOO very much looking forward to camping this weekend! we're actually leaving tomorrow night, so we'll have all of Friday too. ahhhh...i did the shopping yesterday. it's fun to let go a little bit and buy mostly junky food. hot dogs, smores stuff, little debbies, hot cocoa...i realize some people do some seriously gourmet stuff on camping trips (or at least the backpacking magazines would have you believe this...) but we just do junk food. it's half the fun. top it off with some caramel sundaes (yes i'm mentioning them again--they are that good) and we'll be all set.

taking a new knitting project...i told myself i would finish something before starting a new something, but this is camping!! i have to comemmorate the event with socks!! i'm making monkey socks with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock...the color is Indian Summer. it's all fallish and yummy. perfect!

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