Wednesday, November 28, 2007

happy little day

how about a happy list? it's always the little things that bring me joy...and today i'm feeling it!

1. the heated matress pad is back on the bed. last year at this time, i was newly pregnant, so i was very sparing w/ the heat...not so this time around. i think i cooked myself last night...hopefully i can have more babies...

2. there is now a four-month-old in the house! he was reallllly good for his shots yesterday. last time he screamed all the way out of the office and all the way home and all afternoon and...this time, he was over it by the time we left the exam room! he's now 15 pounds, 13 ounces. his current tricks are: sticking out his tounge, grabbing his feet, and peeing on his head. look out, ladies.

3. gingerbread lattes...even better when your husband brings them home for you.

4. great friends who will babysit! it's now my official duty to find the sitter whenever we need one...i don't like asking people to take my kid, so it's great that it was so easy this time!

5. i'm almost done with Forecast for National Knit a Sweater Month...technically, i started it LAST November and quit when i found out i was wouldn't fit by the time i would finish it, so into the cedar chest it went. now it's out, and has been ripped out quite a bit, but i just have a little bit of the body and button bands left!

6. i am almost done with the nasty job of going through the boxes we pulled down from the attic...i haaaaaate going through old stuff--it takes forever and every piece of crap seems to take on emotional it becomes hard to throw anything out, and we're right back where we started...the end is in sight, and i've thrown a LOT of stuff away this time! yay me!

7. i am roughly 1/2 done with Christmas shopping!!! lots of secrets!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Sam gives a shout to his people near and far...

you'll hear my washer start spinning at the end...geez i never realized it was THAT loud!!