Wednesday, December 19, 2007

getting so big...

day 3 of Attempting Solid Food...well, cereal at least. right now it's all about the experience rather than the amount of rice that gets in his little belly...however, the small bit he had today was WELL received--he started really going after the spoon! yep, he's an eater. oh's a little bittersweet, knowing that i won't supply all his food anymore. but he still needs me to shovel the rice in, so it's ok.

here's the latest--if you listen intently, you can hear a little TOOT in the beginning! hahaha...maybe that's not as amusing to anyone else, but i might as well share. and then you can enjoy the squealing, his latest trick, and see him get up on his side. yes...this is what i do all day. :) happy last week until Christmas!

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