Saturday, June 23, 2007


How far along: 36 weeks. Pictures shall be coming at a later time.

Weight Gained: 21. Went to the doc on Thursday. Know what's freaky? Roughly 5 of that is BLOOD, if you can believe the pregnancy books.

Cravings: Still definitely enjoying watermelon. I don't know what it is about that. Ice Cream has also come into heavy rotation this week.

Clothing: Right now, we're at the lake, so my swimmysuit. Hanging the gut out and everyone just has to deal. I love it.

Sleeping: Sleep has actually been pretty good the past few days. I wake up more than I did pre-pregnancy, but for the most part I'm comfortable and I don't have to get up to pee until I'm up for the day.

Boy or girl: I still think it's a boy!

Movement: S till with thebig moves. Some of them hurt, like a pointy elbow or heel or something...I swear those are going to pop out of my abs at some point and we'll just pull the baby out that way! That...and the HICCUPS...all. the. time.

What I miss: Lying on my belly. I realized that I am decently tan on the front side, but roll me over and it's another story altogether! Ghosty! Funny though.

Best moment this week: Ok. This one is gross, but funny, so I will share. So previous to last night, I thought my belly button was just fine. A little dark, but I thought it was pigment, just like that dark line that showed up. All the stuff I read says that your belly button could be dark and other weird things can happen to your skin, colorartion-wise, when you're pregnant. Dark splotches, linea negra, new moles, etc. So my dark navel caused me no alarm whatsoever. Until for some reason I saw q-tips and a bottle of rubbing alcohol out on the bathroom counter together and thought "Hey, just for the heck of it, I'll swab out the old b.b." And OH MY GOODNESS...apparently my hygiene has suffered for many of my 28 years...that and the fact that putting ANYTHING even near my navel makes me want to throw up. Over-sensitive belly button. But now that it's stretched out to nearly flat, I can swab it with merely dry heaves, no puking. And I am proud to announce that my button is clean and as lily-white as the rest of me! A-MA-ZING. I sat around for most of last night with my shirt up, admiring my navel and making Jeremy do the same. He just thinks I'm gross, but he is pleased with the turn of events. He swears that he knew all along that it was belly crud and not pigment, but whatever.

Milestones: June 21st was Thursday, which marked a calendar month until my official calendar due date (though my chart at the doctor says July 16, the doc said she's not going to worry about an over baked shrewbaby until July 22!) So that was the day that I had set out as a permitted, non-neurotic date that it would be perfectly sensible to start doing the hospital packing and first loads of pre-baby laundry and maybe a little shopping for some boy- and girl- specific clothing for which I will save the receipts and return one after the baby shows up. Did I do any of this on the 21st? NO. But I do have an idea of what outfits I might pick up from However I must first make sure I can return the outfit I don't need without surrenduring this first-born WITH it. I tell you what...they are return psychos out there. Especially Connie at my nearest Target store. I will burn her. Not really. But she makes my life VERY difficult and won't tell me what they do with the info from my driver's license. Which makes me feel like someone is touching my belly button.

Non-Baby News: At the lake and I am up BEFORE my husband! That's fun and new. What is not fun and new is the fact that it is very CLOUDY right now. Boo. So I will just continue to drink coffee and fart around until he gets up and I can bother him instead of the entire Internet with my drivel.

Blogger is doing STRANGE things. I type type type and all of a sudden I'm back at some random previous point 4 or 2 or 5 or 2 lines back...weird. I don't like it. I swear it's not me for once. So I shall be done now. Hineywipe out.

Monday, June 18, 2007

35 weeks. Amazing!

How far along: 35 weeks! Above you can see my gut as I drive, thanks to the amazing Jamie and her mad photog skills.
Weight Gained: 18-20. I'll know for sure on Thursday, when I start my weekly visits to the OB.
Cravings: Watermelon. Yummmm!
Clothing: Whatever does the job. Usually a tank top and some shorts. It's HOT out, people!
Sleeping: Sleep? What's that? Actually, I fall asleep alright, then wake up really early and toss and turn until I wake Jeremy up. Though this morning, it worked to get up, check the weather and facebook, then go sleep in the guest room. Change of locale did me wonders!
Boy or girl: I still think it's a boy!
Movement: Big big moves. At any given time, there is some strange lump of baby clearly visible from the outside. If you wait long enough, the lump migrates. Kind of fun, kind of hurty.
What I miss: Running. Really blowing off steam that way would be welcome! I get the hormonal crazies and I just wish I could go run or ride my bike, but neither of those things is very wise right now, not to mention highly uncomfortable!!!
Best moment this week: The shower on Saturday. The girlies were soooo amazing and I felt really special, and I know the baby did, too! Plus it was awesome to have Jamie here for a day and a half! I love me some Jamie P.
Milestones: Finished the closeet in the baby's room, and I really feel like we're starting to get somewhere with getting some gear organized and ready. Jeremy's almost done with the changing table, so I can't wait to see things come together very soon!
Non-Baby News: It's sad that I'm struggling with coming up with some non-baby stuff. That certainly needs some attention. I guess it's sort of news that rhubarb is coming in from the garden. I'm proud to say that my grama's recipe for rhubarb cake turned my husband into a rhubarb fan...niiiiice!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

34 or so.

Big belly and a big bass!!

How far along: Further than 34 weeks now, but I think I have firmly established that I always do this weekly journal after the fact.

Weight Gained: I actually lost 2 pounds, so 18 total.

Cravings: Ice cream and regular Coke. Not together.

Clothing: I give up. I don't care if my gut hangs out. You people can deal.

Sleeping: Ummm...I'm not. But it's not for lack of trying! Actually, I'm so excited most of the time, that I can't get any shuteye. Naps (now that school is out) in the late afternoon have been saving me.

Boy or girl: Still staying boy.

Movement: Yup. Getting some really sharp painful jabs. The baby is training to be a cage fighter.

What I miss: Beer. It's HOT out, so I miss a good coldie.

Best moment this week: Two showers--one and Jeremy's school and one at my mom's. They were both sooooo nice and everyone was so generous and excited about this little one!

Milestones: I'm officially a stay-at-home wife and mom! As of last Wednesday when I got back from work...weird. Still just feels like summer break. It hasn't really clicked that there will be someone else in my classroom in August...sigh. Bittersweet, in a word.

Non-Baby News: I've become a big fan of facebook. I think I need an Internet curfew. Or a magical program that shuts me off after 30 minutes a day or something.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

school's OUT!

so it's my first day of summer vacation, but since i'm not going back, i guess today is my first day as a stay-at-home wife and mother. weird. it feels like i should go do something productive other than eat a granola bar and check my email. yeah...i'll get right on that. right after i finish sitting on the couch and eatting bonbons.

kind of weird and sad and odd to know i'm not going back. but i try not to think too much about it, because once the baby is here, i figure it won't be so difficult. because i'm sure i won't be able to imagine leaving the little one anywhere so i can go spend all day with other people's children.

tomorrow we're heading up to wisconsin to see my mom for the weekend and do a little showerin'. this baby is going to be SPOILED. good thing s/he won't know it. because we're not going to continue any spoiling once Baby is big enough to understand what that is!

yesterday we went to breastfeeding class. the best part was when the lady dropped her demonstration boob and it went ROLLING across the floor. of course i blurted out "oh no! there goes your breast!" hahahahhah then she was like "don't pick that up" which she meant in a nice "you're really largemarge so i will get it" but sounded like "DON'T TOUCH MY BREAST" oh dear.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

33, ya dig?

How far along: Well, further than 33 weeks now, but this is the officially 33 week update, you dig?

Weight Gained: Sigh...20 pounds on the old gut.

Cravings: Deli meat.

Clothing: Finding joy in ribbed tank tops from the juniors dept. They make them nice and long for me!

Sleeping: Oh lordy lordy...poor Jeremy! I grunt and hem and haw while I ::attempt:: to get comfortable in the bed at night. And a couple of nights ago, I awoke with cramps in BOTH calf hurt SOOOO bad! I woke up going buckwild and CRACKED Jeremy with my heel, right in his shin bone. Poor abused husband.

Boy or girl: Still staying with my BOY prediction.

Movement: Constantly! My belly ripples all the time! Baby hiccups a lot, too. But I just read that hiccups are a sign of a healthy and well developed nervous system. Who knew?

What I miss: Wearing sandals. Because when I do, my feet look like swollen corpse feet.

Best moment this week: Hmmm...TWO surprise showers were really good moments. I love being celebrated and having people celebrate my baby!!! Small group with the CHS girls and the KMS staff both threw surprise showers...I had NO idea about the small group one, but I was picking up the scent of the KMS shower...I'm just too tricky for them. Or I spend way too much time with them and just know what is going on.

Milestones: Hmmm...I guess I just feel like I've gotten to the point where my physique allows anyone to say anything they feel like saying...which isn't bad all the time. Quite humorous, actually. No one has said anything really rude, so I'm still ok with it.

In Non-Baby News: Had a house full of fun friends for the weekend (well, most of it) because there was the Aaroneous Jones wedding festivus. Good times, love my friends and JP Bingo and Crotch Monkey. Ask if you must.