Monday, July 23, 2007

40 weeks and an eviction notice.

How far along: 40 weeks AND TWO DAYS.

Weight Gained: 25 pounds. ugh.

Cravings: Nothing to note. Enjoying fruit, I guess.

Clothing: A swimsuit.

Sleeping: Pretty decent, I guess. Considering I sleep in a CHAIR. Jeremy was oh so kind and moved the chair and ottoman into our bedroom in the middle of the night during a furious thunderstorm! I've slept there, slept in a recliner at the lake cottage, and tried the bed last night. The bed was actually ok again last night.

Boy or girl: I say boy...will we EVER find out????

Movement: Still quite a bit, which is good, because that means baby is still healthy. But I've also heard that babies slow down as the time approaches...which is not so encouraging for my present discomfort!! :)

What I miss: Having conversations that don't begin with "Still no baby yet?"

Best moment this week: Having good times with the hubs, making plans for how to keep "us" in front of baby. So we have something to give the poor child!

Milestones: The passage of the due date. Sigh. And another day after that, too. And the passage of some interesting things from my body...TMI?

Non-Baby News: Had a pretty nice weekend at the lake! Oh how we love the lake!

Friday, July 20, 2007

maybe it means I'm finally nesting?

So on Wednesday, with three days to go until the official due date for this bundle of joy, I did what any woman in her right mind would do. I started a quilt for the baby. Partially because it was something I wanted to do, partially because it was something that would fill my time instead of just shuffling around waiting for labor to start, and partially because I have this weird feeling that the more projects I have started (and not finished) around the time the baby comes, the more likely it will be that I have the baby before finishing any of them. It's my own version of reverse psychology. To get the baby to show up and party down with us.

Well, I finished the quilt.

And still no baby.

But I guess that's ok. Because as much as the baby won't need a quilt right away, much less in JULY, it's nice to have it all done and looking pretty in the nursery. And I won't have to try to finish it up in between feeding and at really odd hours once the baby interrupts my regularly scheduled life.

Ok. Enough tell, now show:Oh dangitall...I didn't turn it right side up. Too bad for you, faithful readers. All two of you. I'm not fixing it. Turn your head 90 degrees to the right and enjoy the view.

Here it is behaving nicely on the crib:

That's all for now. Maybe I'll go rebuild an engine now. Or re-upholster the couches. Or start my own home-based business placing small classified ads. Haha. More like I'm going to go take a nap.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

39 weeks is not as far as it sounds...not to me!

How far along: 39 weeks. Should be the home stretch, but does NOT feel that way!!

Weight Gained: Holding steady at about 24 pounds. That's like eating 96 quarter pounders. Gross. I would definitely rather have a baby than eat 96 quarter pounders.

Cravings: I'm pretty serious about enjoying tomatoes out of the garden, but I'm not sure that I'm really craving anything at this point.

Clothing: Screw it. No just kidding. I don't know, just some longer shorts and random tanks and tees. You can see from the picture above that I'm just wear a t-shirt and pj pants today. Nothing buy classy around here.

Sleeping: Wellllll...I've surely slept better, that's for sure. I've had some bad nights lately--between midnight and 3am it seems that baby would like to find the exit door, but just can't figure it out...lots of squirming and poking and jabbing and then I toss and turn and burp a lot and make Jeremy really weary of me. He hasn't left the room yet, which is very nice of him. I love him. A couple of benadryl help both baby and me do a little better at night. Though this morning I woke up and baby was nearly in my throat. Little buddy scooted pretty far up my torso. Someone please tell this little person that s/he is supposed to move DOWN. And soon.

Boy or girl: I say boy and I say 8lb4oz, Jeremy says girl and 7lb14oz. Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to place your bets.

Movement: Please refer to above comments about sleep.

What I miss: Hmmm...well all of the things that I've ever said I've been missing. Because I'm getting a little impatient, I guess, and yearning for them all a bit more. I guess sometimes it would be nice to see my feet. Haha. This picture makes me laugh.

Best moment this week: Good times with the hubs. We're really so very blessed to be able to spend all this time off from work together before the baby comes. I really don't feel like we are missing out on any "us" time before become a little family of three. Because we do lots of things together and he plays me songs that make me feel all schmoopy and special.

Milestones: Well, the ultrasound-determined due date (Monday) has passed. Several phone calls that day...haven't returned very many of them, sorry if that's you. You'll know when I know. Well, maybe a bit after. I had an appointment that day and everyone in the office was like "any big news for us???" and all I can say is I can just tell that junior isn't ready, you know. Just an ESP-sort of thing. Saturday is probably the more accurate due date, so we'll go with that, and the doctor would probably want to induce late next week if that day passes as well. Not entirely sure how I feel about that. We'll see what my body is or isn't doing at that point. But I reallllyyyy don't want to wind up with a c-section because they tried to get the little buddy out before it was time and my body woudn't cooperate. There's no reason right now. Baby is strong--good kicks and heartbeat at the appointment, and nothing to worry about.

Non-Baby News: Had our first batch of garden salsa on Sunday, oh YUM. Tomatoes, peppers, and onions--so simple, but it was soooo good. If there was any doubt, it's cleared up now. It's SUMMER. AND the bromeliad I've had for two years or so finally has a bloom--I love it!!!
I also have a very lazy cat...I assure you he doesn't learn this behavior from me.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

38 weeks and counting down down down.

How far along: 38 weeks. Like whoa.

Weight Gained: 23 big ones. This body's too bootylicious for you baby.

Cravings: Watermelonwatermelonwatermelon. I'm obsessed with its sweet summery goodness.

Clothing: Pajama pants and an ill-fitting t-shirt are the order of the day. That or a swimsuit. Flip flops when I get realllll fancy.

Sleeping: Not bad, especially considering that everyone seems to think that it's supposed to be so difficult at this point. I do wish I could roll over without feeling like I am going to herniate something, but give me a couple of weeks and I'll have the privilege again..ahhhh...

Boy or girl: I still think it's a boy. Jeremy seems to really think it's a girl. One of us is bound to be right. I think it's time to actually wager something...though I'm not sure what.

Movement: Big big moves, jamming into each of my seems to feel that things need to be relocated according to his/her specifications.

What I miss: Sleeping on my belly. AUGHHHHHH.

Best moment this week: Jeremy got the crib all painted, and it's all set up and pretty in the baby's room! I love it! He didn't wind up building it himself, a la the original plan, but the substitute is quite acceptable!! And there were only two cussing/throwing incidents during this particular project. We got a second-hand crib (originally just for the hardware) but J-doggy decided to sand it and paint it instead of building something. He keeps saying maybe this winter, but I'm really OK if he doesn't. I like it and I really like seeing it in the room--thought it still sort of feels like we're "playing" if that makes any sense.

Another cute moment--I was walking to the end of the pier yesterday to jump into the lake (well, not really jump...I'm not so spry these days...I used the ladder) and this little boy says to his mom "she's got a BIG belly, mama!" and his mom says "yes, there's a baby in there!" and the little boy looks at me like I'm a monster and says "SHE EATS BABIES???!!!" mom and I laugh, she assures him that I do not eat babies, there just happens to be one growing in there. The kid seems appeased and says to me "Lady, you got a BIG belly!" I love it.

Milestones: Dialated to 1 that TMI??...maybe so, but it's also progress--we're in the metric system now, instead of saying "fingertip"...woop woop! That's good. And the hospital bag is packed!

Non-Baby News: Spent Friday-Monday at the lake. Yeah, it's rough being educators. Got some knitting done, finally! Finished Daisy at long last. I had issues with the hood...I had almost finished it, and realized that in picking up the neck stitches, I had twisted one of the fronts. After cussing and whining and ripping it out and letting it sit in a bag for a couple of months, I finally got it all done. I have to say I'm so very proud of my new-found grafting and seaming skills. All it needs now is a few buttons. I'm thinking some little wooden toggles will look cute, no matter if it's a little boy or little girl that winds up wearing it!

just because it makes me laugh.

May I present the "miserable" picture??? this picture never EVER fails to make me laugh uncontrollably. like until I pee and cry and just leak all over. I think this is from summer of 1999 maybe? Maybe summer 2000? Not quite sure. I wasn't even there. But it was in Fort Wayne, many moons before I ever knew I would live here. Jeremy just saw it and now I know why I married this man. He finds it JUST as humorous as I do...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

thirty to the seven


How far along: 37 weeks. Getting a bit rotund, if I do say so myself.
Weight Gained: 22. Based on my own scale AFTER my appointment on Thursday. Haha--went #2 at the doctor's office and they wouldn't weight me again after that! Heehee...
Cravings: Watermelon is the official food of this pregnancy. I've also been hitting Sonic a lot for vanilla diet Cokes. and strawberry limeades. and green apple slushes. and...
Clothing: Whatever is comfy! I did buy a non-maternity pair of jeans on Saturday--they're low low rise, stretchy, and a size larger than normal. I bought them for after the baby comes, but I can squeeze into them now, thanks to the magic of spandex. Or whatever it is that makes them stretchy.
Sleeping: Really not the bad! I do wake up early, and can't get back to sleep for the life of me, but the sleep that I get is moderately comfortable and restful!
Boy or girl: I still think it's a boy, though as the day draws nearer and nearer, I'm becoming a little more open-minded.
Movement: Big moves, ouch! Very visible big moves--fun to watch the belly tsunami!
What I miss: My energy.
Best moment this week: Jeremy and I have had some really good moments between the two of us this week. I'll spare you the schmoopy-ness of it all, but it's been really fun to have such a supportive husband. We also have a finished changing table, thanks to the amazing carpentry stylings of said husband. Have a looky-see:
Milestones: cervix has started to dialate ever so slightly. Good to know my body is doing something!
Non-Baby News: Still enjoying the lake very much this summer. When we're not rescuing crackheads. That is an entire post all to itself. When I get the change. Anyhoo--the lake. We were there on Sunday, as well as all of last weekend, when there was this really nice sunset: