Monday, December 08, 2008

today's top 10

top 10 things i'm loving right now?

1. my little helper. sam is loving to mimic right now. so when i was attending to some spit up on the carpet, i gave him a rag and he "helped" me...such a good little boy!
2. having the tree up--sam LOVES it, and he's been VERY good about the ornaments, much to my surprise. i love to see his eyes light up and his mouth make a big "O" and he yells "ooooh!!" when he sees it in the morning! 3. bath time with this little one--no more sponge baths, so he's pretty happy about that.4. the rooting reflex. i think it's just sooooooo precious and cute. even when i'm smooching on him and he roots on my nose...let's not discuss what that might imply about my nose.
5. SNOW! well, when i'm inside, at least. it's so pretty and i'm not tired of it yet. give me a day.

6. not having my christmas shopping done. it just doesn't feel that important. it's not the point of the holiday, not for me. the starbucks girl asked me last night if i had all my shopping done. i just said "nope, and it's ok!"...she looked worried for me.

7. the point of christmas. i'm not spending great lengths of time reading my bible right now, but i do take the quiet (and not so quiet!) moments in the middle of the night (and middle of the day!) to reflect on it and make it fresh in my mind...

8. wakey-wake time with the smallest heineywipe!

9. new contacts. and a new eye doctor that i really like.

10. our christmas/baby announcement card, a la the amazing betsy. girl has skills, i must say. and i'm soooo very excited to get my hands on them and send them out!

Monday, November 24, 2008

today was supposed to be his birthday!

marcus was due the 29th...and was scheduled to be born today. i would have liked to have had this time to get ready for him, but he's healthy, he's home, and he's SUCH a good sleeper. so i'm not complaining! it's just funny to see that according to the ticker on my blog, i still have days left! good thing he's CUUUUTE:here he is, all cleared to go home last thursday night:

this is what i see, several times a day, now that we are home. sam, whining, because i can't/won't pick him up. what a turkey. good think jeremy is home.

and good thing sam can amuse himself (occasionally) he picked up half of a curtain rod and started waving it around. jeremy called it his "pimp stick" and i laughed so hard it hurt. especially because sam nearly took jeremy's eye out. i made jeremy give the stick back to him so i could try and get a picture. that's all, reallyy. happy thanksgiving week! i don't have to tell you what i'll be giving thanks for, do i??

Sunday, November 16, 2008

little by little...

Today has been encouraging! I had a moment to think a little myself through the disappointment of not being able to take a baby home today...and I realized I'm not freaking out about some of the things that I thought were super important to me that I don't get to do or don't get to do quite yet. So pat on the back for me! Must be all the people praying. Amazing. If that's you, have no idea how grateful I am! I'm even using capital letters as I type this, so you know I mean it.

Marcus has slowed his breathing down a little bit, so finally there is a little bit of progress there. He had another chest x-ray and doc says the infection in his lungs looked like it was getting a little bit better. I can't explain how good it feels to hear even those little things, rather than hearing "he's pretty much the same." I finally quit crying in the NICU, too.

The best thing, though? He's had two bottle of mama's special dairy delight! The doctor was in the room this morning and originally said Marcus couldn't have food until tomorrow. Then little man starting smacking like crazy on his binky, and literally made the doctor turn back around, take another look and change his mind! Didn't even have to use a feeding tube, since he was acting like he could handle a bottle. I got to feed him some milk and he went right to sweet.

After his second bottle, our sneaky amazing nurse closed the curtains and let me hold the little guy...until the doctor showed up and she had to dash in and do an about-face. pretty funny. there were two nurses in the hallway trying to stall him as well. yay for fun nurses! Here he is before he had to go back in his bed--feeding tube GONE! smoooooch!
and back in the bed:

and just for fun, a picture of Marcus, with only 2 hours left in my belly:

it feels like it's been a lot more than 4 days...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

oh boy oh BOY!

it's been a wild few days!
went to my regularly scheduled OB appointment on wednesday.
doc checks a few things, asks how i feel about having a baby in the morning...
i was having some preeeeettty good contractions and didn't even know it.
yep, i'm a ditz!
i thought it was something i ate.

i hemmed and hawed a little bit, because baby wasn't technically even due until the 29th and i had a c-section scheduled for the 24th, but she told me she was worried about my uterus cranking too hard with the weak spot around my old incision...and she thought baby was plenty big.

i got to sleep at home that night and went to the hospital at 6:30.
at 8:40, Marcus Daniel joined us!
7 pounds, 7 ounces.
20 inches long.
i love him!
doc informed me that my uterus was stretched paper-thin around my incision, so we made the right choice...felt good about that....

everything seemed fine, but they wanted to check out marcus' little lungs...
he was (and still is) breathing wayyyy too fast.  
and it turns out he has some fluid and a little infection in there.
so he'll be on IV antibiotics for a week.
which means he has to stay in the NICU for at least that long.
hopefully that's all!  
we know God has it, but it's hard to just wait and feel so un-helpful.
we can't even hold him yet!
so we sit and talk to him and listen to him grunt.

we'd love to have your prayers, anyone who is reading this!
prayers for a short and healthy stay in the NICU.
prayers for mama who gets a little overwhelmed at seeing all the cords and monitors and stuff taped all over her new little babe.
PRAISE for an otherwise healthy little guy and family/friends being so helpful and excited with us!
PRAISE for really sweet nurses and helpful medicine and good insurance!
PRAISE for my recovery thus far--i feel really good for being eviscerated just under 48 hours ago!

more to come.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

new post, complete with pictures!!! wow, like wow, man...

ok, i'm going to try and make this a somewhat cohesive train of's what i see in my rearview mirror these days--isn't he FINEFINE in his coat???see the potato sitting there?? yes, that was a "comfort object"...sam does this thing where he gets a hold of some random non-toy object and clutches it for dear life, usually through the entire course of whatever errand we're on. last week, these objects included the potato, a USB cord for my mp3 player, toothbrushes (once it was mine, once it was his), and a tape measure. weirdo.

oh, and who am i kidding, my rearview usually looks more like this:you can see the oldest (therefore most visible!) tooth of his latest aquisitions...4 in a least he can bite things now! here's a happier shot of the tooth:all of these were taken on our way home from a pumpkin patch outing a week or two ago. i had to get him this pumpkin, since it was called a "baby boo" pumpkin, and we've been calling sam "boo" since day 1...he also like the peanut shell gourd:but wasn't impressed by pumpkin story time. he liked the straw better. he was running (well, as much as he can run!) around in the barn and doing things like this--anyone ever seen Innerspace??? this reminds me of the scene when Martin Short turns into The Cowboy. it's quite possible that NO ONE i know besides my brother has ever seen that movie.
this picture is here just because i like it. he's really this cute all the time. oh, except for when he's screaming in the car...i guess i can't fool you anymore, you saw the picture above.
my boys! when we pull up to the new house each evening to take food and do some work, sam says "dada!?"...every time. yep, that's dada's house. sometimes it does feel like we live separately. i don't like it. but i like these two fine men:

and...a couple walking videos!!! ignore my dryer and my tv...both wayyyy too loud...enjoy!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

phew...yes, still here...

first, if you read this today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! yay for mom!!!

i'm not sitting down at the computer much these days, but i really need to--my camera is full of pictures, i have email i want to return, but all i do is check facebook anymore! actually, i got wayyy caught up on people just by reading status messages last night...sort of sad that i didn't actually TALK to those people, but it will do for now! busybusy...

the house is coming along, we're set to move halloween weekend. just waiting on carpet and counters to come in, and working on some painting. jeremy and his band of merry men got the bathrooms and kitchen all tiled and they look great! sam is on a napping strike, so he wails in his pack and play while i paint. funny story about the mortar and grout totally dry out your hands. jeremy slept over at the new house the other night and we were on the phone before going to sleep and he told me his hands were so dry he went digging through a box of my stuff in the basement to find some lotion. i didn't think much about it until i saw the bottle the other day. it was SELF TANNER...SOOOOO funny...and it would have been funnier if it had actually tanned his hands, but it's the gradual tanning kind, so i guess you can't really tell. but i haven't told him yet...teehee...let's see what happens.

sam is a certified walker these days...i'll have to get a little video up on here. it's pretty fun to see him walk around all proud of himself! BUT it also means he's a LOT sneakier! i used to be able to hear him move around...the "scoot" sounded a lot like "thump, drag, thump, drag"....and he can walk around and stay under the mama-radar...tricky little troll.

pictures to come.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

and they say romance is dead...

look at the email i just got from jeremy...i just had to chuckle...who else gets stuff like this???
just me.
i'm a lucky girl!

1 Gal Gray Dutchboy
B Lamp Blac -- 8L Rawumber 3 32D PhthaloG -- 4Eggshell
F 14-3
5 Gal White
Pushbroom (rebate)
Antennas on sale (20%)
Love you,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

yep, still here, somewhere...

it's been a little busy around here! i think even if we didn't have a whole construction zone going on at our new house i wouldn't have updated until now. it's that whole fall/change of season and routine thing, i guess. at least that's how i explain it. but right now both sam and leena are sleeping, so i can get to this.

top news at this point in time...

1. sam FINALLY has another tooth, tooth #3 finally showed up yesterday...about 4 months after tooth #2. i love his gummy grin, so i wasn't super worried, but the more teeth he has, the better eater he'll be, i hope.

2. the new house is coming along, though "new" is only a relative term. as in, new to us. although at this point it has all new ceilings (even in the garage!) and some new paint has been rolled. this week we hope to get the rest of the painting done, so we can tile and then get the carpet installed...i say we, but it's really my husband, his dad, and any nicenicenice friends he can round up. thanks go out to chad and logan. me? i just put new pulls on the cabinets and put liner in the drawers...sam's job was to take the liners out of the drawer and replace them with half-eaten soggy pretzels. excellent work, my boy. his other job was to grab my big water mug (anyone else still use those from the hospital???) annd drink about 16-20 oz of crystal light (ohhh i'm not kidding) and then pee through his diaper and clothes...twice. so i took him home in a diaper, and i think i MAY just have found the trick to a happy car ride. nudie time. hmmmm....not sure how i feel about that.

3. baby #2 is coming along nicely, i believe. it certainly seems to be living it up in's SO very busy. i love when i can see my belly move like a little alien is setting up shop in there. up until last wednesday, i had been measuring small and not gaining much weight, but now i'm measuring right on time and i made up for lost time in the weight department, to put it nicely...i still think it's going to be a little bit smaller baby than sam was, since i measured large with him, AND he was a week late...OH and had the largest noggin ever. i need to get a decent picture of this belly before this baby shows up!!! i have no officially guess as to what this one is. i keep changing my mind. but it's fun that way.

okay, pictures of the past few weeks!

jeremy and his mini-me enjoying some end-of-summer grilling:

spending time with jeremy of course leads one to start using a calculator. gotta work on the diaper budget!!
alright...we have a lot of "before" pictures...this shot of the eating area and family room shows a good idea of what we're dealing with and hopefully will show a LOT of in improvement in a month or so! the light fixture is goinggoinggoingaway , the vinyl will be ripped out and kitchen/eating area tiled, the (awful) carpet will be replaced with something much lighter and cleaner, and there will be paint...lots and lot of paint! even those beams and the built-ins on the sides of the fireplace...hopefully it'll lighten things up. that railing thing will be ripped out, much to sam's dismay. he likes to peep at you through the spaces. and you can't tell, but the popcorn that's there in the picture is all gone and spanish lace has been put in its place and it looks soooo good, thanks hubby!!!
this is the part of the backyard i like to refer to as The Site Of The Meteor Strike. there was a koi pond back there that was rather...unkempt, shall we say? the previous ownders wanted to take it with them, and we had noooo problem with that...however, we were left with a hole the size of...something very monstrous. so if you have anything you need to bury (like a wooly mammoth? a dinosaur carcass?), let me know. we have to figure out how to fill it in so we don't wind up w/ standing water...becuase you KNOW it would wind up in the basement. that's just how things go. we call that the H-factor, my friends.this is the master bedroom, mid-ceiling-repair. the whole house looked like this (like we were trying to quarantine some infectious disease, perhaps?) over the weekend, but it's getting remarkably better.and a couple of pics from our morning. what is it about dandelions??? you don't have to teach little kids to pick them and give them to their mamas, they just DO. and it made me all melty. :) first flowers from my boy!

how i wish that shadow wasn't there...

pardon the pjs...we don't do regular clothes until after the AM nap unless we're going somewhere. if i knew anything about photoshop, i'd love to play w/ this picture. too cute. since betsy is getting all digital-like, maybe she can assist??? hmmm...

woooo that's enough for now! good thing i type fast...xoxoox

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

got a dirty mouth?

someone needs some orbit gum:

i was on the phone...and thought sam was fine. and i guess he was, really...but i turned around after i hung up the phone and saw him eating dirt out of the plumeria. he was rather pleased with himself.

he also discovered the beauty of headphones today. he looks a bit puzzled, but i think he liked them.

knitting news??? YES! i FINISHED a sweater last friday...we'll see about some pictures...i'll have to get creative...since it's not a maternity sweater and i am decidedly maternal....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

have you done this yet??? TOOO FUNNNNNN

have you played with yet??? you really should. i saw this a couple of places and i had to join in...

looking swell in 1952:
i guess in 1960, i needed some serious vision correction:
in 1962 it was cool to wear poo on your head:
in 1964 i was the teacher??
in 1966 i had a LOT of hair:
fast forward ten years to 1976...the dazed and confused year...awesome:

1978...who knew i could rock a fro this hard:

the hair...the pose...1982...i was 3:

1984 found me a bit young for hairspray but i do recall a babysitter who looked a lot like this:

1990...oh dear:1994--i didn't quite have the hair for this, but i have a picture from middle school where my bangs attempted this:

hahahahah 1996...i was a junior in high school...glad to say my picture didn't look like this, though i doubt it was much better!!! i might have been guilty of a similar denim shirt, however:

Monday, August 25, 2008


ever since we found out we were going to have a baby, jeremy was very interested in growing the kid a giant pumpkin. good thing this kid likes being outside and LOVES the garden. good thing our house backs up to a field and we can grow crazy stuff like this...and according to jeremy, it's only going to get bigger. i drew the line at him building a little shelter for it, though. apparently the sun can crack the surface of the pumpkin. i needs a little suntan.
you can't see in this picture, but pants were apparently optional this evening...that's what happens when you go to knitting night and leave the boys alone. they drop their pants.
this picture just makes me laugh. i love this kid!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


i finished a pair of socks last night. yay for sticking to a project long enough to get it DONE! i started the first sock in MAY...finished it 9 days ago...and got the second sock done in a week. it helps that the Great Declutter project is done, so there's less to do and less junk around to distract me!

Yarn: Araucania Ranco Multi, color 306

Needles: US 2 bamboo dpns

Notes: Super easy sock method--I like top-down socks and I really wanted to keep them simple, since the yarn had such fun colors and I didn't think it would pool too badly. They almost look sort of camo-ish with the muted colors...not the plan, but I'll take it, they're cozy!

i had so much yarn left, i started a pair for the little one. if they fit him/her, maybe we'll wear our matching socks home from the hospital together! or at least for thanksgiving. i love how quick it is to make baby socks! but i just made the pattern up, based on what i did for my socks, so we'll see if the second one comes out anywhere close to the first. good thing i have extra yarn--i can just make three socks and see if two of them match! this picture (in natural light!) shows the colors in the yarn much better.

Monday, August 11, 2008

change is in the air...

yesterday and today have really made me sense fall creeping in. ever so slightly. i know it will get hot hot hot again, but the past couple days of weather in the 70s and the sunlight becoming just a little bit more sideways-and-golden-like makes me aware that this is late summer now. i do love the start of a new season, especially this time of year when we have a TON of things fresh from the garden. it's all salsa, all the time, around here right now! that and potatoes. YUM.

so i guess it'd be a good time to mention that we're making a big change pretty soon here...yep, we bought a different house!! YIKES! it happened quick, which is odd for us. well, i should say it's more odd for jeremy, who likes to research and deliberate even small decisions. but i guess it seems quicker than it really was. we'd been stalking this place just a little bit. we'd gone to take a look w/ a realtor friend some months back, looked at similar homes in the same area, and came home and had some talks about what we would like in a new place and what ugly/nonfunctional things we would be willing to redo or live with.

so when the price on this place dropped, we went and looked a couple more times...and took the plunge! it's going to be nice to have more space with our family becoming four people in a few months. i have a little bit of guilt, since i know we would be just fine in this house even if we had a pile of kids, and the process of cleaning and decluttering to get it up for sale has been great for getting rid of STUFF that we DON'T USE or LOVE...people all over the world put a LOT more bodies in a LOT less space...i like to think i don't buy into the "bigger is better" deal that seems to be pervading everything around us" but maybe i do, a bit. i DON'T want to take *more space!!!!* as a license to amass *more crap!!!!*

that said, it WILL be very nice to have a basement (i get to have the whole 5th "bedroom" down there for my craftystuffs) and to have the space in the house split up into more useful rooms. i feel sometimes like the current open floor plan doesn't always work quite right for us. i know it works for a lot of people (it's about all that is being built around here!)...but we function better with "designated" spaces, i think. and i may be in the minority, but i have grown to loathe my cathedral ceilings. it is so LOUD and un-cozy to have all that space for air to rattle around.

so w/0 further ado, here's our new residence--pardon the craptastic photo--i took it out of the car window, and the people were already working on ditching the for sale sign moving their stuff out, so i didn't want to be too creepy and i took a quick picture and sped away. noooo that's not creepy and lecherous at all...

it's pretty traditional, and i like that. good basic bones for me to dress up and make into my new nest! it backs up to a creek, so we get to start a new garden next year. it'll be sad to leave our first house, especially with all the work we've done (hello hauling and wheelbarrow-ing tons and tons of dirt to make our garden grow!) but i guess that's a good thing, that we're not DYING to get out of here!

and here's sam, NOT helping me with the packing and decluttering...and taking great JOY in it! YAY EMPTY THE PENCIL BUCKET!!!

SO if you know anyone that would want to buy my current house, SEND THEM MY WAY!!! i have a little blog set up for that...such a nerd, i am. we're attempting to sell by owner. if you have any pointers on that, send those my way, too!!