Wednesday, January 23, 2008

update. but no videos this time. sam has been on strike from learning new tricks. or at least letting me get them recorded.

BUT there are lots of pictures to share. this is what we've been up to...last week, i was hoping for snow, so i put sam in his "let it snow" pajamas. and each night, it worked! we woke up to snow, beautiful snow! and he loved peeping out the window at the backyard. i want to try it again tonight, but i don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't work a third time...

and because it's always a joy to get a picture of the screeching ape that lives on my floor:

it appears that this winter weather has not hurt my plumeria. there is a bit of story behind this (somewhat ugly) cigar-shaped plant that i like to call a tree. jeremy hates it and tries to kill it and throw it away all the time...but the tree will not be killed or thrown away. we got it on our honeymoon in hawaii, just a dead-looking piece of a plant--believe it or not, at a wal-mart...gross...wal-mart on hawaii, i know...but for four dollars or something, it was worth a shot. so it grew and i like to wax poetic and tell jeremy that the tree represents our love and why are you trying to KILL it??? i took a look at it today and if i'm not mistaken, it's going to have FLOWERS! flowers, people, after five years of being an ever-elongating cigar looking monstrosity requiring larger and larger pots. ahhhh taking a science-geek moment to enjoy the beauty of botany...

and my current project of dooooom...a jaywalker sock out of yummy was actually much longer than the photo when (gasp) i had to rip out the entire heel flap and entire gusset...BOO...because i screwed something up and couldn't figure it out. and the yarn is just too pretty to have an imperfect sock. and i'm irritated, because it's an EASY pattern and i've made socks before! but it is in time out right now. sigh.

maybe i'll get some time tonight to take a picture of the socks i actually finished today, and to let the jaywalker out of time out. we'll see. for now it's off to attempt to make some ribs...i've never done it before, but i found this idea and i'm off to pop them in the oven...xooxoxox

Friday, January 11, 2008

because mom likes the videos and i'm happy to oblige...

so i just gave sam a bath, and he stuck one of his 987492348923 rubber duckies in his mouth and chomped down, which gave a good squeek...then he just sat there for a while w/ the duck in his mouth and i got the giggles--it was so cute! so here are some pics and a video where i got him to do it again. not the same as getting it taped the first time, but oh well.

and here's my finished product from yesterday--i love it! more to come in better colors--this was the test bag, and i think it turned out pretty well. ahhhh i start to get all itchy if i haven't made something in a while, so this helped.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

crying it out...and out...and out...

ohhhhhh i hope this is a good thing. letting sam "cry it out" to get to sleep. we're hoping that he'll learn to go to sleep, and we won't have to rock him every time--it has taken an hour or more to get him to conk out. i'm learning to be patient, but i think that rocking him for every nap and each time he wakes up at night is totally draining. emotionally and physically.

most of the time, i can put faith in what we are attempting...i read some journal articles that explain how there is no emotional damage that you do to your child by letting him/her cry it out...but what about me? i'm pretty sure that I am going to have emotional damage from the whole experience.

but the doc said it was ok...and she's good...and that with sam's temperament (strong-willed aka "spirited" aka STUBBORN depending on how you want the frame it), it would probably be effective...and it would take a week or so. it's day 5...and at times, it would seem he's getting the idea, and then other times, not so much. this is one of thos "other times" i'm hiding in my room w/ the laptop, my mp3 player (dorky knitting podcasts!), and chocolate. i didn't plan on the chocolate, i found it here...doesn't everyone have chocolate in the bedroom?


that was yesterday, and things are much better today. he doesn't hate us. see? pardon the messy-ness in the background. some things are more important than housework.

one bad naptime and i get all doomsday...he had an AWESOME night of sleep (8 until 8 with no wakeups--well, none that he made us aware of) and consequentally, so did we. phew.

and my mother in law has kidnapped the baby for the afternoon, so i had things all set up at 9am so i could get crafty--here you see the space heater (back room is chilly!), supplies for a new bag i'm going to TRY and make, chocolate, and mug for coffee.

not pictured is the ginormous tub of guacamole that i made up for the occasion...when it's cooold and dreary out, you need to have food that tastes like summer. mmm! hopefully i'll post with a finished bag a la this tutorial...and more HAPPY BABY pics!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Question. Which bear is best?

sammy bear, of course.

happy new year!

my only resolution is to be nicer to Jack, mt in'laws' smelly over-friendly dog who rolls in dead things and then rubs himself on my legs.