Wednesday, January 23, 2008

update. but no videos this time. sam has been on strike from learning new tricks. or at least letting me get them recorded.

BUT there are lots of pictures to share. this is what we've been up to...last week, i was hoping for snow, so i put sam in his "let it snow" pajamas. and each night, it worked! we woke up to snow, beautiful snow! and he loved peeping out the window at the backyard. i want to try it again tonight, but i don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't work a third time...

and because it's always a joy to get a picture of the screeching ape that lives on my floor:

it appears that this winter weather has not hurt my plumeria. there is a bit of story behind this (somewhat ugly) cigar-shaped plant that i like to call a tree. jeremy hates it and tries to kill it and throw it away all the time...but the tree will not be killed or thrown away. we got it on our honeymoon in hawaii, just a dead-looking piece of a plant--believe it or not, at a wal-mart...gross...wal-mart on hawaii, i know...but for four dollars or something, it was worth a shot. so it grew and i like to wax poetic and tell jeremy that the tree represents our love and why are you trying to KILL it??? i took a look at it today and if i'm not mistaken, it's going to have FLOWERS! flowers, people, after five years of being an ever-elongating cigar looking monstrosity requiring larger and larger pots. ahhhh taking a science-geek moment to enjoy the beauty of botany...

and my current project of dooooom...a jaywalker sock out of yummy was actually much longer than the photo when (gasp) i had to rip out the entire heel flap and entire gusset...BOO...because i screwed something up and couldn't figure it out. and the yarn is just too pretty to have an imperfect sock. and i'm irritated, because it's an EASY pattern and i've made socks before! but it is in time out right now. sigh.

maybe i'll get some time tonight to take a picture of the socks i actually finished today, and to let the jaywalker out of time out. we'll see. for now it's off to attempt to make some ribs...i've never done it before, but i found this idea and i'm off to pop them in the oven...xooxoxox

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