Thursday, February 28, 2008

how i know he's mine...

it was a trying day, but i know the child is mine.
because even after crabbing all morning,
he took the time to laugh at fart noises...

let's hope a tooth, any tooth, shows up verrry soon...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

it's a good news/bad news kind of a day...

good news: we woke up to BEAUTIFUL snow! i love it!
bad news: even though school was cancelled, jeremy went in to work on things...
good news: hopped on the scale today and i'm down 8 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.
bad news: although all my skinny pants fit...they don't fit the same...some of my rumpus appears to have migrated to my midsection...sigh.

good news: i've been productive! laundry is clean and cookies are made. every house needs clean laundry and cookies!
bad news: laundry must be folded and the kitchen is a mess.

good news: i got a looooong toasty shower and smell quite nice.
bad news: it was AFTER i showered that i decided working out would be a good idea. now i need another shower and i am running out of babynaptime.

good news: found a hip carrier at a garage sale for just a few dollars.
bad news: doesn't work for us...hehehehhe good news: the baby likes carrots.
bad news: carrots STAIN.
good news: got a ball winder and jeremy built me a swift, so yarn organization and ease of use is within my grasp.

bad news: i got a little caught up winding yarn, and thus have not been knitting. but look at the pretty little yarn cakes!

Monday, February 18, 2008

one of these things is not like the other...

hehehe...i grabbed a handful of good & plenty from my FIVE POUND BAG of good & plenty...and this is what i saw...made me giggle...i guess when your husband buys it in bulk for you, they don't weed out the weird ones...
in craftiness...i knitted a Shedir this week. not to toot my own horn...but i looove it! the Rowan Calmer is so soft and stretchy--makes a super comfy hat. it just fits, because apparently i have a head like sputnik (ha!)...

and the decreases do this beautimous thing...looks like a snowflake, which is fitting for today, since we're getting some fat snowflakes.
in miscellaneous household news, the baby is clean. and aside from chapped lips and a lingering cough, he's feeling finefinefine!

evidence of finefinefine:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

not sure if this is what the manufacturer intended...

Sam got a verrrry fun toy from Grandma for Christmas--but until he could sit up, there wasn't much point in putting the thing together. So today was the day...and I really should have set it all up sooner, because it has provided ME with LARGE amounts of amusement.

When the toy attacks, by all means, attack back:

This makes me think of bowling:

Happy Val-o-ween!!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

table manners only a grandmother could love....

wooo how is it the middle of february already???

so it's been a while. where did half of february go??

welllllll where should i start? how about i just post my favorite pictures of the week and just let them do most of the talking.

in most amazing news, sam is getting hair, much to his father's jealousy. this picture kind of makes it look like there is more than there actually is, but i'm sure sam wouldn't mind...this is also his more favorite, most LOUD toy of the week. :) thanks, nate and sarah!he's still getting over a cold...which has rendered him somewhat "subdued", shall we say? and no one would believe me if i didn't have the picture to prove it, but he FELL ASLEEP mid-bounce...or something like it. this is not a kid that falls asleep easily, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME--and look at this:
today it is really cold and pretty snowy, so it's perfect that i finished up some socks! i've seen jaywalkers all over the internet, and it's for good reason! the pattern shows off loud yarn very well, and is easy to memorize without being too boring! they are made out of yummy koigu, and are on my feet right now.
someone else likes yarn as much as i do...
i'm assuming he learned how to do this from jeremy, who also likes to pull on my yarn/needles/arm while i'm knitting...booo...