Tuesday, February 26, 2008

it's a good news/bad news kind of a day...

good news: we woke up to BEAUTIFUL snow! i love it!
bad news: even though school was cancelled, jeremy went in to work on things...
good news: hopped on the scale today and i'm down 8 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight.
bad news: although all my skinny pants fit...they don't fit the same...some of my rumpus appears to have migrated to my midsection...sigh.

good news: i've been productive! laundry is clean and cookies are made. every house needs clean laundry and cookies!
bad news: laundry must be folded and the kitchen is a mess.

good news: i got a looooong toasty shower and smell quite nice.
bad news: it was AFTER i showered that i decided working out would be a good idea. now i need another shower and i am running out of babynaptime.

good news: found a hip carrier at a garage sale for just a few dollars.
bad news: doesn't work for us...hehehehhe good news: the baby likes carrots.
bad news: carrots STAIN.
good news: got a ball winder and jeremy built me a swift, so yarn organization and ease of use is within my grasp.

bad news: i got a little caught up winding yarn, and thus have not been knitting. but look at the pretty little yarn cakes!

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